The SoJones focus: Poet Jack Williams

A very respected artist has joined forces with SoJones to give you more of that thirst you want to quench with good poetry. Jack Williams is a mastermind of another level with giving you calming poetry to soothe you. here we will celebrate some really cool poetry to celebrate various things in life we want to observe. Let’s look at his work here as we will keep all of the best people ready to observe some good web development and poems.

The title of this poem is: 12 headed dragon

Toronto with us, that's major!
Toronto with us, that’s major!
and the young knight
i approached the dragon with caution to hear herselff was talking.
i asked do i need to slay you with iron or love.
she replies ” i’m a dragon so i could tell a lie, but what if you have faith?
you will find love my most honorable trait.
so kindness is the best bait to lure me into a place

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