The SoJones Focus: Walker Ryan

SoJones is proud to have known Walker personally through his journey to the big screen. The best thing about our process is we have the scoop on who is perfect for helping us learn more about him- childhood friend David Cole.

Ballin out here like Curry.
Ballin out here like Curry.

Here’s what we learned from the interview:

SoJones: Thank you for your time. You know Sojones is all about the fashion and hip hop, so tell me about Walker and how you met him.

David: I met walker when I was 11 or 12. But i just met him through skating and we were pretty lost in the mountains, you know? Finally we went down to town skating and realized  there’s a bunch of other kids skating, you know? So I just met him through that and then after that point i just skated with him a bunch throughout the years. We went to high school together and from them we went down to San Diego together because he was going to school down there.

SoJones: Tell me about what Walker is doing currently with any sponsorships, etc.

David: Walker just got sponsored for a trip in the Mediterranean on a cruise trip the Red Bull paid. He also got paid to visit all these different spots throughout Europe. Beyond that he does these trips through St. Helena, down south to L.A, he goes down to New York. He’s kinda like a rolling stone, you know? He doesn’t really have a home base so he’s based on his options on what to do. It’s pretty sick, and half the time he doesn’t even have to skateboard. He’ll pay for the tip out of his pocket, but then later his company will like, reimburse him. He’s been a travel bug for the last couple of years.


SoJones: Very good. So do you get to spend time with him on the road?

David: Well I’ve been busy working in St. Helena, but his mom lives out here, so everytime he’s out here we link up and skate. We will hit the park, drink, stuff like that. I just see him when he’s in St. Helena, I’m not traveling the world with him.

SoJones: Since SoJones is about skater fashion like Nike SB’s and stuff, what is Walker’s skater swag like? Anything we should be checkin’ out?

David: Well he’s sponsored by Organika, I would say his style is pretty basic, simple you know? Nothing flashy, just kind of a simple guy. I know he’s super into hip hop back when we were younger, I don’t know what he’s into now. It probably changes every month. Walker was really into Nate Dogg and Warren G when we were growing up.

come skate with the homie at Walker's instagram page.
come skate with the homie at Walker’s instagram page.

SoJones: Has Walker appeared in any press (magazines, films, etc.)?

David: He’s been in pretty much all the skater magazines: Thrasher, Transworld, skateboarder.. I’m pretty sure he’s working on his firm right now for Organika. He just got done with somethingwith Transworld done about 2 years ago. They have a video every other year they do, so it’s a pretty big deal.

Check out Walker Ryan’s facebook page and visit him on Instagram. SoJones, over and out with a kickflip! Special thanks to David Cole and all the real ones outta Angwin.


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