The SoJones news: Ciara at the breakfast club

When you have been in the industry as long as Ciara, you can bet that she has some interesting things to share as her newest album, ‘jackie‘ is ready to go on May 5th. Now that we know her breakup with Future is definite, you know that we are ready to hear about Ciara’s emergence as a stronger woman in R&B.

Ciara: the ultimate scorpio girl. #samebirthday #Oct25th
Ciara: the ultimate scorpio girl. #samebirthday #Oct25th

SoJones still feels that Ciara is one of the better dancers in the industry right now. As the princess of R&B, you can bet Ciara will always keep the room on stare as she looks pretty and regal. Check out this interview she did with the breakfast club:

ON HER BREAKUP WITH FUTURE: “It clearly didn’t work out. But I have the greatest gift, the greatest joy of my life is my son. I feel like everything in life happens for a reason and my son has been the greatest gift that God has given me in my life, and been the most game-changing thing that has happened in my life in a necessary way.”

ON WHY IT DIDN’T WORK OUT: “I can’t really break all that down. I don’t even think it really matters to tell you the truth, especially when the ending is as great as it is with my son. That’s what worked out—my son.”

ON HER RELATIONSHIP WITH FUTURE: “We’re cool. We have a child together and I think as a parent it’s important to be able to communicate even if you don’t talk. We don’t talk every day. There’s no need to. But my son is clearly the connection between he and I. As parents I think it’s important to be able to communicate. I like to stay happy and I like to live life light and make the best of life.”

ON HER SON: “My son has given me so much clarity and I couldn’t be any more clear than I needed to be. I definitely know a lot of things that I don’t want. I really know. I have to make sure I’m making the best decisions to make the universe right for him.”

ON WHY SHE DATED FUTURE: “I’m human and I went with love in that situation. You can be with someone that has no kids and he can be the biggest jerk in the world. At the end of the day, I roll with love and my son’s father I really believe had the greatest intentions to love me and a beautiful thing came from that.”

ON HER NEW OUTLOOK: “This new chapter of my life is really about being expressive. And it’s about really allowing myself to be vulnerable because I believe it’s healthy to be vulnerable. I think that when you allow yourself to be in touch with your rawest moment, you really develop character that way.”

Showing love everybody. It's the SoJones way!
Showing love everybody. It’s the SoJones way!

ON HER NEW ALBUM: “I want to take people on a journey with me, just to hear my voice and where I am right now. My whole new chapter of life. It’s just a whole new thing happening with me and what better way to express it than through music.”

ON JERMAINE DUPRI SAYING “I BET” IS A RIPOFF OF “U GOT IT BAD”: “Jermaine’s an expressive person. One thing about having a baby, you really don’t care about a lot of stuff. You really don’t have time to sweat stuff. If Jermaine walked in the door right now, we could hug each other.”

ON TAMAR BRAXTON’S SHADE: “If she was trying to say something crazy, I really don’t care. I’m gonna take it as she wasn’t trying to do anything funny and she was being sincere.”

ON RIHANNA: “I’ve always been a fan of her work. I’m happy for her. I’ve always said that. In reference to what happened, I still can’t tell you what and why to this day.”