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A very respected artist has joined forces with SoJones to give you more of that thirst you want to quench with good poetry. Jack Williams is a mastermind of another level with giving you calming poetry to soothe you. here we will celebrate some really cool poetry to celebrate various things in life we want to observe. Let’s look at his work here as we will keep all of the best people ready to observe some good web development and poems.

The title of this poem is: 12 headed dragon

Toronto with us, that's major!
Toronto with us, that’s major!
and the young knight
i approached the dragon with caution to hear herselff was talking.
i asked do i need to slay you with iron or love.
she replies ” i’m a dragon so i could tell a lie, but what if you have faith?
you will find love my most honorable trait.
so kindness is the best bait to lure me into a place

 you want to wait.
so at her word he takes his leave as she conserves
over her fate
he kiss each of her 12 heads and gives a hug around
her waist.
and he let her lick the taste of his sweat.
so she would know him next time they meet and along
the path she watched him go.
singing “i’ll remember when i hibernate in the snow
my husband knight the champion of the light.
a man who knows no hate, only love and he all wants
to do right.
the human who was polite i will pray for your safety every night.


Saul Williams is incredible. check out his work in another article!

Now that you are aware of how awesome Jack is, lets look at how his toast to his mom and dad can touch your heart:

A toast to
mom and dad
who was there in the middle of the night when sickness ca
lled or your
dreams brought fright?
Who taught you how to sow and throw a ball,
When all you wanted to do was play outside?
Who comforted you when your first heart break came to vi
Who fed us when we couldn’t feed our own self let alo
ne change our own
Who tolerated our attitudes when thing weren’t going
our way?
Who patiently taught us how to speak and walk and then
let us play on the
street curbs with chalk?
So will all parents please stand up,
So we can pour a toast to mom and dad.

Maybe Jack can perform it at a Stevie Boi event! Check him out on the daily here at SoJones. We will always be supportive of those who want to represent for the arts. How do you express your joy for waking up in the morning? Now with SoJones learning about website design and coding, you can bet that SoJones moves through the net like Dan Marino! We hope to see you leave a comment for us as others will be wondering why all the attention has moved on to this great group of people. 


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