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As always we have exciting things to share with you on SoJones. Today we are sharing our interview with Model and Actor Katya Martin, who has been in tons of press events and films like our homie Xenia. Now with more beautiful ladies wanting to crowdfund their dreams, check out her Kickstarter page

Katya is working with Stevie Boi on the 'vandal' project.
Katya is working with Stevie Boi on the ‘vandal’ project.

Here’s the interview we did with Katya-

 Since when have you had a passion for bringing awareness to other people’s work?

I grew up in Spain in a very communal family and was always surrounded by people from different backgrounds, countries and walks of life. I think having this diversity  “ingrained” in me from an early age has made me always want to bring people together and help others make connections. I know so many people from so many career paths that are incredibly talented and if I can do anything to help them get their message, work and vision out to the world I want to be a part of making it happen. I think the level of gratification that you get from helping someone else out is amazing and I love seeing a friend’s work getting praise and being able to have been a part in helping them reach their goal.


When did you meet stevie boi?

We met last Novemeber at a photoshoot for Fab Ego Magazine with Yulia Rock. We talked a lot about film and acting and how he was getting more into tv and when this project came up I knew I wanted to have him involved. I love the designs and work that he does and also just his energy and personality made me really want to work with him again.


How has your team embraced your vision?

Everyone that I’ve brought on board have been incredible passionate and supportive of the project. I think that the themes in it are very easy to connect to, especially to artists in different fields—the film is about the struggle to get recognition for your work and to make a name for yourself in an industry where those who are on top of the food chain are the ones who decide what gets seen, what becomes popular and what has “commercial value”. It’s usually hard for artists to reach the career status that they want when they don’t have direct connections to these inner circles and “Vandal” is really about finding your own way into your industry of choice and cheating that system in order to be seen.

Even though it’s a theme that can be found in industries like film, tv, music, fashion, etc. I really wanted to tell it through the eyes of a painter because I wanted to emphasize the visual aspect of art and utilize it to tell the story visually.


Katya needs your help with crowdfunding. Please help today!
Katya needs your help with crowdfunding. Please help today!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I’m primarily an actress, so in five years I want to still be busy and making a living doing that in TV and in film. I’d love to be a regular on a show, and love projects that are shot on location and allow me to travel. I grew up in Spain until I was 13 and speak Spanish and French so I would really like to get into more international films as well.  In the past few months I’ve been lucky enough to have had to be in and out of the city (I’m based in New York) for several film shoots—I got to go to Lima, Peru which was a first and was amazing, and I just hope to be able to continue working on projects that really put me out of my comfort zone and in situations that are far from what I’m used to.

Being an actress though relies a lot on having to wait for other people; you have to wait for a director to have the right role for you and then you have to wait for them to want to put you in that role. In writing and producing my own projects, I’ve found a way to sidestep that and create the roles that I would really like to explore and tell the stories that I’d like to tell. I have a few other projects that I want to start writing and putting into production, but “Vandal” is my baby and I’d really like to get this one done first before moving onto bigger, even more ambitious projects.

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