The SoJones focus: El Jefe Fats, Hood rich


SoJones is always into interviewing boss type individuals who make it happen on and off the court. We’re not just talking kings here, but Gods of the microphone and the well rounded hustle.  Today we look at why El Jefe Fats- doing shows with the likes of Loverance and more- is one to look out for in the music industry and as a bay area taste maker. He has done mixtapes with bay area legends like Keak Da Sneak and Dru Down. Here is the interview:

Boss moves at #sojones
Boss moves at #sojones

1. How long have you been grinding on the auction car buying?

 I have been buying & building over 15 years

2. What are your plans for your record label, and what will the name of your next project be?
I’M TRYING TO TAKE MY LABEL Global like no limit did up coming album ‘Criminal Minds ‘

3. Tell sojones about your upcoming show with Loverance.

Love rance reach out like fats we need to do something so now we’re working on a few show and single

4. What are your favorite clothing brands to wear? 

Sean John it’s classy and street. (Be sure to check out some Sean John kicks via Dr. Jays)

SoJones has been rocking with Sean John since it's inception! #eljefefats
SoJones has been rocking with Sean John since it’s inception! #eljefefats


5. Favorite jewelry to rock when you are out on the town?

Mark custom-made r.i.p chained to my dad 105 karat white diamonds

6.Favorite car you are driving at the moment?

07 Porsche GT 911

7. shout out all the label mates you work with. where can we find your music on social media or youtube? 

 slip and slide, no limit, thizz, up all night. it’s lot of them but these four labels have showed me so much love.


And now ‘Majesty Royal’ by East Palo Alto’s Jack Williams:

Majesty Royal

Hail the king his majesty royal

He sacrificed his life for our toils.

He is worthy of our praise.

He died and rose for truth.

He conquered the death and sin loop.

He rose and the earth became His coup.

He gave man life after death,

Everlasting breath,

He caused the just and right to weep,

For his glory is beautiful and sweet.

Stand tall. #sojonesfamily
Stand tall. #sojonesfamily

Peace is His game for the meek.

And serenity for the weak,

He His shelter for those who seek,

His holy message of forgiveness and love,

Hail the king of glory and righteousness,

He bargained with his life like a merchant,

And death conquered had no chance,

To stop the king from exiting hell,

the devil can’t,

Win against the mighty Lord of faith.

By: jack earl Williams j.r.

We know you want more of the real stories starring Bay Area powerhouses like El Jefe Fats and Jack Willams. What’s even better for next week is this: Remember our buddy Moka Blast? He’s working on some pretty cool stuff as well, all meant to be enjoyed in California at a show near you! We have seen so many great shows this year from the likes of even Kanye West in California, so keep reading SoJones to know who’s really got it poppin’ in the bay area!


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