The SoJones Focus: Moka Blast

We at SoJones have always been purveyors of real game, so we thought it would be appropriate for Kendrick or anyone else to step aside as we introduce the King of NY. Touted as that by top 5 dead or alive rapper Jadakiss, we wanted to naturally reach out to Moka Blast after his performance at the Hard Rock cafe in boston. Here’s a snippet from #LadiesloveMoka:

Want Moka Blast in your city performing? Let #sojones know!
Want Moka Blast in your city performing? Let #sojones know!

How are you feeling after traveling and getting all these shows under your belt so far?

It’s the best feeling ever.  I love the fact that there are people who I would have never met if I was tied down to a regular 9 to 5 job.  Traveling gives me an unrestricted air of freedom and to know I am doing it to tear down stages is euphoric.  I have wanted this for 15 years and now that I got it I have new milestones to set.

Naturally you got a lot of fans growing now that Shawty From Africa’ is about to be out. Any fashion brands you like to wear to video shoots?

I have a clothing company that sponsors me in Fly Guy Committee so they will get the honor of keeping me properly attired.  Another hot brand is We Are The City from Rhode Island.  Both lines have exclusive threads that can make anything else I put on come to life.  Shawty From Africa is going to be a global smash and remember that I told you it here first.

Sojones is very inspired by the hurdles you had to overcome. When did rap legend Jadakiss reach out to you for a song?

We at the end zone, high stepping prime time.
We at the end zone, high stepping prime time.

I started recording at D Block studios in Yonkers NY around 2010 and built a very great business relationship with Poobs.  He is the head A&R and he showed me the ropes and before you know it I had done 2 tracks with Styles P.  When Kiss heard those tracks he told me whenever I’m ready to continue on making smash hits that he will be waiting.  Being that he is my favorite artist alive I did everything in my power to cook up a huge hit called Does This For Real and the rest in history in the making.  The track have went on to hit Pandora and it is hands down responsible for my commercial success as we went all out on the visuals as well.  It was an ever greater feeling performing the tarck live with Kiss at Dunk Xchange and then I had the pleasure to erforming it while walking professional boxer Simeon Hardy out on a Showtime fight card as the co main event.


How often do you hit the gym for boxing?

I do no less than 2 hours at the boxing gym.  I wanted to go pro but I had to many distractions and the music consumed me.  So I still train 2 to 3 days a week instead of 5 to 6 as I still have the passion to compete.

We are so proud of your Pandora station! What kind of artists you do listen do when you are on downtime?

I listen to any and every one.  I love all genres as I try to understand why they wrote their song and it gives me time to do research.  As an artist I like to know who I am listening too and reading some ones bio is what can either make or break my interest.

SoJones over and out!