H&M X Balmain: How long did you stand in line?


Ever since mega celebrities Kanye West and Kim Kardashian West linked up and started wearing the high end fashion house clothing Balmain, everyone has wanted to get their hands of anything with the name on it. This article will also feature a classic poem from Jack Williams, the Mob boss of death in the peninsula. We would also love to give a shout out to our new clients in the valley and ask that Lil bit the town bum stay away from Linda. This has been a public service announcement.

From rags to riches. #sojonesfashion
From rags to riches. #sojonesfashion

And now, the poem from Jack Willaims titled, ‘Love’s night’-

Love’s night


We take moon lite strolls on the white sandy beach.

We picnic under the myriad stars and their unearthly formations.

We joust over tea at the late night café,

Later we quarrel over who is going to pay.

Her glossy eyes reflect the full moon’s rays.

As our only agenda is to stay in each other’s arms stay,

And every command to please we obey.

By: jack earl Williams j.r.


sage de amor

Now with our report on the huge event via Palo Alto Daily post, you can join in the fun too!

According to the post:

H&M sets off a shopping frenzy

The largest collaboration between a high-fashion designer and a low-price retailer producer long lines at H&M stores around the world yesterday, while online shoppers complained they couldn’t get on the chain’s website before most items from its new Balmain collection were sold out.

Libra and Gemini make it hot for #Balmain
Libra and Gemini make it hot for #Balmain

Shoppers waited for hours outside H&M stores in London, Sydney and San Francisco yesterday, according to local news reports, as the chain began selling an assortment of dresses, purses and other items from its collaboration with Balmain, a high-end French fashion house. Shoppers vented on socail media including Twitter and Facebook, where some gushed about the new offerings and others griped that H&M’s website had stalled when they tried to visit. The Swedish chain had hevily promoted its colaboration with Balmain and its 30-year-old creative director, Olivier Rousteing, whose designs have been worn by wealthy celebrities Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

Class for that ass. #Balmain
Class for that ass. #Balmain

A rising star in the fashoon world, Rousteing was recently profiled by The New Yorker magazine and has more than 1.6 million followers on the photo-sharing site Instagram.

Of course, we got more of that hood poetry you love! Here is another poem from jack titled, ‘lover embrace 2’:

lover’s embrace: “love’s fire”

the lover’s embrace is a hug of desire and fire,

in which two hearts in one place beat and exist for each other only.

the comfort to each of them is homely,

and every breathe is heaven on earth and infinite bliss.

especially in the tangle of a kiss or a love expressing touch on the skin.

they find their two worlds blend and hope for a better day starts to begin.

the lover’s embrace can brighten ones face to a rosy hue,

and sends tingles thru the body from head to feet in the shoe.

School is in session. #collegedropout
School is in session. #collegedropout

they only want to cradle each other in love’s grip.

and they whisper “i love you so true” into one another’s ear.

the look in their eyes can’t be mistaken,

they long for a love that there is no breaking.

a love with only one lover,

to have and all the marbles that can be taken.

so it is happiness that their union is making.

and the love they have can be seen thru their walk and talk.

the lover’s embrace will always brighten sorrow’s face,

so you should be joyful love still exist in this world of hate and miss.

and if you need a lift, look for that lover’s embrace.

by: jack earl williams j.r.

alias: sage de amor


SoJones over and out!


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