Lil Kim Launches Queen B Royal Watch Collection In New York

Brooklyn born artist Queen Bee bka Lil’ Kim has been long known to blaze fashion trails in everything from luxury’s Versace and Iceberg to pop culture’s Old Navy. And while making headlines about everything from court cases to bad plastic surgery, she’s always been known to make headlines at events through her wardrobe.

If you take a walk in time, everyone remembers when Kim came out in the rhine stone studded mini-dress that left 1 breast exposed, leaving only the nipple covered. Kim made the most memorable headline amongst young and old people after wearing the outfit on BETs’ award show that year.

Now in 2004, Lil’ Kim wants to strike up those same headlines without the use of sex appeal. After many rap artists already making the decision to get into jewelry crafting or marketing of jewelry, Lil Kim decided it was her time to craft up a design as well as market it herself.

Sometime in the coming two months, Lil’ Kim is releasing the “Queen B Royalty Watch”. Partially designed by Lil’ Kim and heavily promoted by the artist herself, a photo shoot has already taken place for the watch. The watch has an elongated hexagonal face that bares diamonds on both sides of the face. The watch’s luxury box displays the Queen B’s unofficial trademark along with her personal signature. Quality of the diamonds are yet to be found, but hopefully details will surface.