Ryan Kenny Luxury Line Makes Hip-Hop Fashion Grown and Sexy

After Jay-z constantly mentioning how his new style is strictly for grown people, the hiphop crowd’s appetite grew for that “grown man” look. And yes, there was Armani, Gucci, Burberry, and many other brands that sell to the hip hop community without a clue to what it is about; No line has come out that catered to the hiphop fashion heads directly from within urban and hiphop culture itself.

People in the hiphop crowd, when looking for fashion are not looking for something to cling to the body so hard it shows your nipples. No, It’s simple, hiphop fashion heads want something that shows the frame of the body but still have enough slack in the clothing left to look like it fits. In short, a body sculpting shirt with loose qualities.

What was just described might sound crazy to some but in 2003 Ryan Glover, Kenny Burns, and Derek Dudley came together to make this clean but loose, luxury hiphop clothing style come to life. And not only did they make it happen, but they did it with precise timing and immaculate standards. From all of their efforts came “Ryan Kenny”. A clothing line worn by urban music’s top stars. That’s right, these are the designers that gave Jay-Z something to wear to get his grown man on. Ryan Kenny is also the designer that has been lacing R&B music icon, Usher Raymond, with all of his button downs lately.

What more can be accomplished after you have artists like Jay-Z and Usher wearing your clothing line to all of their major shoots? Well how about you give them some accessories to gaze at?

Ryan Kenny has created the perfect accessory for their shirts: cuff links! Designed by famed jewelry designer Lorraine Schwartz, who does work for P-Diddy, Britney Spears, and many others, Ryan Kenny’s cuff links are the new talk amongst hiphop fashion accessory buyers. Coming in solid 18-karat white or yellow gold, they are a must for those with a Ryan Kenny shirt who can afford both items. It can replace your bracelet anytime as these cuff links come with diamonds and other precious stones embedded in them. The question everyone needs to know now is where to buy Ryan Kenny.

Ryan Kenny is also one of the first black owned, strictly luxury hiphop fashion inspired clothing lines to find success within the hiphop music community. Ryan Kenny shirts are very limited and only available at selected stores nationwide.

For information on where to buy Ryan Kenny, SoJones finds that RyanKenny.com is a valuable resource for shoppers. Contact Ryan Kenny also via Myspace.