DrJays Hip-Hop Clothing Store Adds Sneakers and Footwear

DrJays.com, a hip hop clothing retailer birthed in 1975, has been one of the most outstanding sources of Urban and Hip Hop fashion retail items since opening in the “South South Bronx.” Hosting a variety of Hip Hop and R&B videos, photo shoots by different publishers, and other things, Dr Jays has become more than a Hip Hop fashion landmark name; DrJays is now a part of Hip Hop music and fashion history.

Hosting one of the largest selection of Hip Hop clothing online, DrJays.com has beat out competitors prices for some time now. And the hidden fact is, if you live in NYC, the prices are even cheaper in the store than it is on-line. A true salute to hiphop culture, not falling in with the crowd of dealers profitting without recognization of the culture that stays shopping in their stores.

The latest news on Dr Jays is beyond Hip Hop clothing. The physical retail stores have retailed nike, adidas, reebok, timberland, and other exclusive footwear collections for men and women. Now, the online site, DrJays.com, has finally added that collection to the available online retail merchandise.

The shoe collection available starts with selections from the Reebok S. Carter, Reebok G-Unit, Reebok NBA Downtime, and Reebok Classic collections. DrJays Nike footwear selection available the Nike Shox, Nike Commanders, Nike Huraches, and more. Nike Air Force Ones nor Nike Air Jordans are allowed for retail on-line currently but are available in Dr Jays physical stores. And while Timberland boots were already on the site, they also added the classic Chuck Taylor shoes which are also now a branch of Nike.

If you aren’t familiar with the Dr Jays Hip Hop clothing store, SoJones suggests you get familiar, especially if you aren’t in the northeast sector of the United States. Other US coasts get Urban fashions and Hip Hop clothing later than New Yorkers normally. In layman’s terms, shopping at Dr Jays on-line means you can get things before other Hip Hop clothing shoppers in your area.

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