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A gathering of fashionable music moguls. Jay Z (of the Roca Wear fame) poses with Fabolous, creator of Rich Yung.
A gathering of fashionable music moguls. Jay Z (of the Roca Wear fame) poses with Fabolous, creator of Rich Yung.

From 2000 to 2005, Brooklyn-based John “Fabolous” Jackson set his own fashion trends, making him a stylish Hip Hop Mogul. This gave him inspiration to create his own brand. In 2006, Brooklyn-based rapper Fabolous’ found his “dream team of designers.” That very year, his fashion aspirations became a reality with the birth of Rich Yung Society Clothing Line.

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The name Rich Yung (often misnamed as Rich Young and Yung Rich) was coined by Fabolous himself. The brand name aims to embody a “lifestyle” and not a mere urban wear clothing brand. It aspires to represent a culture of those who are eager to experience a life only affluent youngsters can live out. Despite its street smart designs, Rich Yung emanates an air of regality, given the inspiration it draws from high-end Japanese street wear and urban boutique flair.

Oscar-winning actor and singer Jamie Foxx flaunts his Rich Yung tee in a show.
Oscar-winning actor and singer Jamie Foxx flaunts his Rich Yung tee in a show.

In all its luxury, Rich Yung truly embodies its name. In 2006, Fabolous hired an anonymous jeweler to create a heavy, diamond-embellished chain and charm inspired by the logo mold of Rich Young Society. This expensive bling was rumored to be stolen at one point, although it proves to be untrue because Fabolous always makes it a point to wear it on his music videos and media appearances.
Artists from all genres, especially those belonging to the Hip hop clique and Hollywood stars, have been seen donning their own Rich Young duds. Among the many other fans of the fashionable urban wear line are Atlanta-based rappers TI and Young Jocc, and actor-musician Jamie Foxx (see below.)

A recent endorser for the Rich Yung Society Line is the “Anointed One,” an internationally-renowned vocal instrumentalist and beat boxer. This New York-born rapper is oftentimes seen sporting his Rich Yung outfit during his performances and tours in Europe and Australia.

Limited Rich Yungs

Because of the garments’ impeccable style, Rich Yung Society Clothing has been sought after in many parts of the globe. Exclusive urban wear and sneaker stores such as Rakuten (Japan) and Vinnie’s Styles in Brooklyn (New York) are just some of the few privileged retailers that carry the band.
Proof of the brand’s success with the youth and adult men is the fast turnover of garments. SoJones, an online retailer for the clothing line and even the official Rich Yung Catalogue Shop, always find themselves running out of stock of Rich Yung apparel. Newly-launched garments sell out easily, thanks to message boards and blog raves about off-the-ramp Rich Young clothing.

Look fabolous in this Rich Yung Society Polo Shirt.
Look fabolous in this Rich Yung Society Polo Shirt.

True to its name, Rich Yung shirts can be a little pricey. You can buy shirts for $75 at the aforementioned websites. But because of the high demand for Rich Yung, shirts can go as high as $200 in retail stores. People continue to clamor for Rich Yung that sellers keep the numbers of people on the waiting list for reference so they can inform them as soon as the new collection is shipped in.

Although Rich Yung is famous for its t-shirts, it sells other kinds of urban wear such as hoodies, New Era fitted caps, denim pants and shorts, twill shorts, and sweat suits. What’s good about the line is that it can fit people of any shape. Sizes range from medium to 3 XL. Don’t worry ladies, the female collection is bound to be released soon.

A downside though to the clothing line’s immense fame is that counterfeiters have found ways to create knock-offs of the brand. Here are tips on how to spot the genuine thing from the fakes:

  1. The strips of genuine Rich Yung shirts start from below the wings, while fakes have lines originating from the point of the wing.
  2. All Rich Yung tees have stripes or lines on the back (including Yung Golf and Tennis Shirts.)
  3. All multi-colored Rich Yung Tees have two different colored stripes where the wing originates.
  4. Genuine Limited Edition “Bones” Rich Yung Tees have little skulls on the front wings. The bones on the back should be located near the bottom end, not the middle.

More than just clothes
“Rich Yung is the very definition of aspiration,” so goes the clothing line’s mantra. True enough, the company goes beyond clothes and caps. In the Rich Yung Report, people can marvel on the embodiment of the “Rich Yung” lifestyle. This spans from expensive jets (Cirrus Vision SJ50), a half-a-million Rich Yung Chopper, a gold-plated Mac Book, to the Gresso Avantgarde mobile – White Diamonds collection.
Undoubtedly, Rich Yung is more than clothing. Rich Yung is an Experience. It’s not just about wearing Rich Yung, it’s becoming a Rich Yung. So we ask you this, are you Rich Yung?