Fabolous Rich Yung Society Clothing Line Launches In Stores And Online

Brooklyn, New York’s John “Fabolous” Jackson, stated in 2005 that he wanted to release his own clothing line in the coming years. Without publicizing detail, the artist went into a search for designers and manufacturers for his line to accomplish the task.

After finding qualified staffing Fabolous announced the name for his line is Rich Yung Society Clothing.

According to nonaffilliated resources, the line’s name represents a lifestyle that many people aspire to live. Even beyond that lifestyle the rapper and his street family counterparts live, it also celebrates the more glamorous fashions found in Japanese street wear and urban boutique settings.

Highly demanded and already being seen worn by such artists as Young Joc and T.I., Rich Yung Society clothing has finally been released to the public in extremely limited quantities.

Seemingly, few stores are able to acquire an account with Fabolous’ line to retail RichYung Society, which has many items retailing for over $200 already. Exclusive urban boutiques and sneaker stores such as Rakuten in Japan and Vinnie’s Styles in Brooklyn, NY have acquired accounts and started retailing the Rich Yung Society hoodies and t-shirts.

Clothing from the streetwear brand seen by SoJones at this point include luxurious themed designs that were applied to hoodies, t-shirts, and New Era fitted caps.

SoJones.com’s fashion forum (discussion board) is one of the few places on-line that has Rich Yung Society’s latest clothing sample photos available to the general public.

Demand for the streetwewar clothing brand has caused stores carrying the line to sell out. Some stores retain call lists in-store with the numbers of people waiting to buy the pricey fashion collection’s pieces.

Rakuten.co.jp is the only known website to carry the Rich Yung Society clothing line on the internet. Larger sizes have been limited and their stock was erased after a short period of time, with plans to restock soon.

Rich Yung Society also has their own website, RichYungSociety.com, which has yet to be completed but will probably carry a listing of stores carrying the line.

SoJones.com will be adding a directory listing for Rich Yung Society clothing brand to its’ “Celebrity Lines” web page. The latest stores on-line retailing the brand, news on RichYung, and the official brand history will be found on the listing.

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