NBA Player Streetwear Fashion 2022


NBA Player Streetwear Fashion 2022

It’s hard to pay the same price for fashionable streetwear as a celebrity, but you know their styles are always going to be trending. You want to mimic those styles, but at a much lower cost. We’ve provided some streetwear fashions that are affordable and mimic some of the best dressed NBA players.

In the video and below you can see some of the most popular NBA players and their great sense of fashion in the hip-hop, urban and straight-up streetwear world.

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NBA Player Streetwear Fashion 2022

NBA Player Kevin Love


Nike Baseball Cap

Since we don't know what exact cap he is wearing, one of the best streetwear brands out there still is Nike. They are an old-school company that's been producing baseball caps we love for a long time.

Red Bandana

Kevin Love "loves" to accessorize, in this case, he chose a red bandana. This could be a Covid mask, but we will assume not.

Stone Cold Steve Auston T-Shirt

While we couldn't find the exact t-shirt Kevin is wearing, we found something we believe would look great. It's very simple and works.

Camouflage Shorts

The last item is some light-colored camouflage shorts.

NBA Player Jordan Clarkson


Red Hip-Hop Style Hat

Similar to the hat Jordan is wearing, this has that big flat bill that gives it a unique style. It's a well made hat that stands out from the crowd.


Red Leather Urban NYC Leather Jacket

We found a leather varisty jacket on Amazon, but we decided this urban style would work great with this fit. This jacket has that New York City Urban / Hip-Hop vibe to it.


Casual Style Denim Barrel Pants

Here is a nice pair of casual fitting denim barrel pants with cargo pockets that will complete your outfit. These are high quality jeans that will are 100% functional in the hip-hop world we live in. You will love the way these jeans look and feel.


Fashionable High Top Shoes

Lets finish this outfit off with some high top shoes that are sure to catch someone's eye as your walk down the street. Buy a few pairs, they come in more than 10 different colors.

NBA Player Shai Gilgeous-Alexander


Denim Jacket with Ripped Style

Shai is known for his GQ style videos and you should check them out. Here he is wearing something simple, but it works. This jean jacket is of a similar style.


Comfy Coffee Orange Colored Jeans

We couldn't find the same cross pattered pants on Amazon, but these should work out nicely. If you can find the same style pants on Amazon or a better option for the outfit, hit us up on Facebook or Twitter.


Converse Chuck Taylor Leather Shoes

You may have to change the shoes strings to white to match his outfit more closely, but these Chuck Taylors will get it done. They have that nice leather, comes in different colors and styles.

NBA Player P.J. Tucker


Black Genuine Lambskin Leather Jacket

Great quality jacket when you want to show your style off. It has two outside pockets and one inside pocket. You can't beat this jacket for less than $100.

Only God Can Judge Me T-Shirt

It appears P.J. has the planet earth on his shirt, not 100% sure. We think this shirt with the necklace tattoo on it is perfect for this outfit. It adds something a little different and offsets the all black look just a little.


Ripped Knee Black Destroyed Jeans

These are high quality stretch denim jeans that go well with anything. They have a straight fit and work well with the boots. You can wear these anytime of the year.


Brun Marc Motorcycle Combat Boots

When you lace up these fur lined boots, you will feel incredible. They include a size zipper to help get them on and off and are perfect to have you trendsetting all over town.


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