Lebron James is Fined by FCC

We all know Lebron James is above all the drama that black america is going through, but if he was to resurrect like a real one with the real trophy, he would look something like Moka Blast in his new film , “hittaz” coming tomorrow. Lebron got a little too excited in his celebration of winning his first championship so he cussed and America heard the little bit he said. Now its in the coffers they go to get his cheese. According to in flex we trust:

Lebron James got the game in a headlock for now.
Lebron James got the game in a headlock for now.

Lebron James was on top of the world during the Cavaliers championship parade in downtown Cleveland. He addressed an estimated crowd of more than one million people and millions more on television but there apparently were some haters in the audience. Two people filed complaints with the FCC for Bron’s F-bombs and one of them referred to him as a “drunken sailor”.


WKYC and WOIO broadcast the players’ parade speeches live without a five-second delay, meaning James’ expletives weren’t censored, including multiple versions of the f-word.

“What’s going on right now feels so surreal to me,” James said during his speech. “It still hasn’t hit me what actually happened. For some crazy-ass reason I believe I’m going to wake up and it’s going to be like Game 4 all over again and I’m like, ‘Shit, we down 2-1 still.’”

Two people filed complaints with the Federal Communications Commission regarding LeBron James’ profanity-laden speech during the rally at the Cavaliers’ championship parade.

The Louisville viewer wrote to the FCC and said:

LeBron James is like a secret cheat code in any game. #player #FCC
LeBron James is like a secret cheat code in any game. #player #FCC

“The station allowed Lebron James to repeatedly use profanity on live TV… Thousands and thousands of families were watching the broadcast. Countless children listened to him talk like a drunken sailor. This is completely irresponsible of the network to allow this kind of language on live TV!”

The Cuyahoga Falls viewer wrote:

“I’m very proud of the Cavaliers winning the finals. Happy, fun day in Cleveland OH! But then Lebron got up to speak at the televised rally, and the whole speech reeked of profanity. On live tv – many channels, on live radio broadcasts, in front of a live 1 .3 million audience of fans, including many children. Was so uncalled for!!”

So what you think, readers? Was this just a little overreaction or was this fine justified?