50 cents concert in the Caribbean was unfortunately ended in his arrest

If you are a rapper and you want to make a show at St.Kitts,you’d better  think again. Probably after reading  this post  you will change your mind.

Two weeks ago   rapper 50 cent was arrestet  on satarday June 25th, after  a performance on the concert on  Caribbean island St. Kitts for  saying  the :”f” word during singing the song “P.I.M.P”  in front of 40,000 people.

After the show he was taken to the police station with a member of his band,  Bajar Walter.  They paid bail fees of 5,000$ on Sunday.

See the  statement from police below:

50c police item



Although what happened,  50 cent said  “The show was a great success” and he will make sure that during future trips to St. Kitts he will leave the “motherf—–s” in the United States.