The SoJones Funny: Amy Schumer’s SNL monlogue

We love to laugh here at SoJones, and if we aren’t lamenting off the ignorance of ol’ grandma and her hatred for greatness, then we are at the house puffin ‘ that pine giving out valuable secrets of Amy Schumer SNL monologue. to the universe. After such a depressing display of sports on behalf of the Cowboys (yes SoJones is a cowboys fan), we think Amy Schumer wrapped up some pretty funny and insightful suggestions if we may add:

Funny girl. #sojones
Funny girl. #sojones

We are witnessing the rise of a funny comedian who isn’t afraid to break boundaries. Also we will have the special poem section by Jack Williams Jr:

how do you survive the loss of love?

when your heart only wants to be above

because then your pain and sorrow will end,

the nights and days start to blend and misery becomes your friend.

in a crowd or when you are alone your tears come and go.

but their continuous cycle won’t end,

and all you can do is cry for the love that has found it’s end.

your hurting heart only brings you to weeping no matter how against it you try to defend.

the waterfalls always win in the end, even if you ignore the crushing depression of loss love.

which you can’t escape, without knowing that being your old self is foolish bait,

a happy day again soon is what the old saying promised fate.

but a few greet that day with an infe3ction of haten and a mission to heart break.

it was caused by all the dAYS OF CLOUDS AND RAIN MAKING RAINBOWS.

but a few are only content with eyes closed and dreaming of that moment in time.

in the depth of their mind they are frozen.

still wishing for that hand to hold in the magical world where a picture of their love comes and goes.

like red eyes and an appetite, you stray away from the things they liked,

because the reality of losing them is like a knife being thrusted into your soul,

and now you are as cold as coal to the touch of a person.

because for yesterday you are thirsting and you replay all the times you spoke,

as if you were still conversing the loss of love is a dropped slice.

so keep love alive and regularly add spice, because your love could turn out lights.


by: jack earl williams j.r.

Hollywood calls!
Hollywood calls!

“We have to be a good role model for these little girls because who do they have? All they have, literally, is the Kardashians. She doesn’t have a Malala poster in her room — trust me,” Schumer said. “Is that a great message for little girls? A whole family of women that take the faces they were born with as a light suggestion?”

We at SoJones are LMAO at this girl! Either way, what did you think of Amy’s monologue? Leave your comments with us and let’s keep boosting freedom of speech for women everywhere.