Are Diamond Supply Co. and Nike Working On Another Classic Shoe?


We usually don’t have anything against Nicky Diamonds and his brand, but at this point, we just want to tell him to stop. Our wallets and bank accounts are getting thin.

After launching a capsule collection with PacSun and former exclusive brand, Been Trill, Diamond Supply Co. may be teaming up once again with perhaps the biggest footwear brand of all time.

If you couldn’t guess, we’re talking about The Swoosh.

The news went down via Twitter after Los Angeles-based DJ Skee tweeted to Mr. Diamonds, “Still need those tiff dunks BTW”. The response? “Have something new with Nike SB coming that you may like.” That pretty much confirms the future collaboration, we guess.

Obviously, this isn’t the first time that these giants worked on a project together. About a decade ago, the two unleashed the iconic “Tiffany” Dunks onto an unsuspecting world. If this future endeavor comes anywhere close to that project we could be looking at a legendary pair of shoes in the making.

Stay tuned for details, because we know that we’re chomping at the bit for more info ourselves.

Image via Diamond Supply Co./ Facebook