Rent the Runway Launches the ‘Beyonce Boutique’


Right now is the time of year where proms, graduations, and weddings are all happening at once. For most men, we can just go out and rent a tux for whatever special occasion we’re attending. Unfortunately, for most ladies, they actually have to go out and buy a dress. If only there was a place where they could save some money by renting a dress.

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To celebrate Beyonce’s ‘The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour,’ Rent The Runway, a dress rental site, announced on May 22 that it has collaborated with Queen Bey for a special line of dresses and accessories called the Beyoncé Boutique.

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“Making women feel confident and beautiful is something I’ve always been passionate about. That’s why joining forces with Rent the Runway was so organic, says Beyoncé in the announcement. “It’s more than just access to beautiful clothes; it’s about making women look and feel their best.”

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The dresses were hand-picked by Mrs. Carter herself with selections that aren’t your typical or traditional gowns. Instead, these are short and sparkly party dresses. The rental prices average between $50 and $75, although if you really want to go all out, there is a $400 Moschino gold damask mini.

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If you’re looking for accessories, the Beyoncé Boutique has you covered. To go along with the dresses, women can rent necklaces, earrings, and handbags that range from $12 to $50.

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If you want to browse the selection, or if you’re a lady looking for a dress that will make us men “want to put a ring on it, head on over to Rent The Runway’s Beyoncé Boutique page.

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So, ladies. What do you think? Would you rent something from the Beyoncé Boutique collection?

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As a guy, I think this partnership is awesome. The dresses look stunning, and who wouldn’t want to rent a $2500 dress, or tux for men, for $250? You’ll save a ton of cash and be stylish enough to turn heads.

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Images via Rent the Runway