The SoJones focus: Royal Sunday

We at SoJones already know that Xenia Tchoumitcheva is doing big things over in Europe, with her new concept on what a designer brand should be- designing your own clothes from a website. It’s been a lot of fancy brunches for the Queen Xenia as she has soccer stars wearing her clothes on the red carpet. The new phrase in fashion is ‘BYOD’- Be your own designer.

Royal Sunday: Dress yourself in designer.
Royal Sunday: Dress yourself in designer.

When you have tons of sports stars already making it look so effortless to dress yourself as if you were the designer, you can see why this is a very different look into what swag is. We already have tons of people wanting to get that brand reputation off the strength of Google rankings, so you can bet that we bring in the press media for a sexy lady that competes with the best out there. Sexy GQ model Xenia got us saying another poem by the G’s out here-

Baby doll,
When should I fall?
Your cherry cheeks,
Slender physique
And silvery glitter on your lips.
Leave me cold,
When I’m absent from your heart.
Only a few words we spoke,
Yet the child in me creeps to the page.
Because of your beauty I’m lost in a daze.
She fleek with the swag.
She fleek with the swag.

All the stars are checking out this brand because the quality is kind of like Polo, but you will also notice that there are a lot of options for red carpet appear on the page for Royal Sunday. European women love two things- a rich soccer player and a swiss bank account. Those who got that type of stuff seem to love wearing Royal Sunday for how different it will have you looking. This type of swag reminds me of a poem by my G Jack Williams called attack:

Glowing eyes with a deadly surprise,
When the claws extend you know it’s the end.
The past and present blend as you black out.
Your last few breathes exhale out and your knees grow weak.
You are swept off your feet as you crash to the ground.
A howl of the predator is the last sound ringing in your ears.
The best or nothing.
The best or nothing.
Your eyes drop tears as adrenaline is replaced by fear.
The terrorizing creature that appears is a ghastly ima
gine of a smear.
A blur of black with coarse fur your speech comes out in
a speech is a slur.
As the world begins to spin as you witness the end.

Now that you know how a street warrior thinks in these streets, we want to keep you coming back for more of the fashion that will go good with some PRPS jeans, for example. Hip Hop always has some people who know how to address swag issues that help people with presenting themselves on stage or in front of recruiters. What do you think would go good with the RS Polo? Maybe some black air force ones would go great with the whole fit-

swag options with #SoJones.
swag options with #SoJones.

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