The Most Popular Female Urban Outfits of the Year


Urban outfits are the most common fashion pieces, yet they are also the one that follows the most ever-changing styles. If you want to know which female urban look made it to this year’s list, check out the list below. You might even find some fashion suggestion that will inspire you.

10. The Long Floral Dress

The Long Floral Dress

Lovely, printed dresses will always be in the list of hot trends. This year, it’s the floral designs that made then big. These dresses are perfect for a casual walk in the park or even at the beach. Find the ones that are soft and comfortable to wear and you’ll be the true urban chic that you always wanted to be. You may simply throw in some accessories to complete the look.

9. The Bolero

The Bolero

This year, the bolero made an unprecedented comeback in urban fashion. This cropped jacket became a staple to a monochromatic getup. So whether you’re wearing a pair of pants or a stylish skirt to go along with a hue-matching top, throwing a bolero on to complete the look will make the whole fashion number more impressive. And that’s urban fashion many gals have been sporting lately.

8. The Short Skirt Dress

The Short Skirt Dress

For all the gals who want to sport their long and beautiful legs, this urban outfit is the way to go. Perfect for a night out or a movie date, this classic number will never let you down. Even urban teens can pull off this look, especially the goody good ones who want to look a notch different from the norm. This urban outfit can go a very long way, indeed. You’ll definitely find it fitting for just about any light outdoor activity, even a nice outfit for school.

7. The Leather Jacket

The Leather Jacket

Who says jackets are only for riders? This fashion item is for the urban chic as well. Match it with something nice and you’ll be ready to strut down the streets in full regalia. Black leather is hot – literally and figuratively. A light shirt underneath will do the trick. As for the bottoms, anything will do – even a leather skirt.

6. The Sun Dress

The Sun Dress

Celebrate life like an innocent gal with a nicely fitting, conservatively cut sun dress. You’ll make great fashion sense wearing it on the right kind of occasion. This one’s perfect for those afternoon teas or a luncheon date with some friends. It will make you look a notch better than your usual casual wear and way more fashionable than that loyal pair of jeans.

5. The Animal Print

The Animal Print

Perhaps one of the most controversial pieces of clothing of all time is the one made with anything animal on them. But since the fashion industry is filled with talented and creative people, faux animal designs are plenty. Adding these prints to your everyday casual clothes will make them look twice as exciting and thrice as bold. So if you want to look more than just the regular Jane, try animal prints. If you look really good in them, your dear pets sure wouldn’t mind.

4. The Sexy Shorts

The Sexy Shorts

Do you want to look hot? Then crop some old pants to make it a really short pair of shorts. But do make sure that you have nice and long legs to go along with them. Note that this urban outfit isn’t just about the clothes – it’s how you carry it. A nice boots to go with the shorts will be just as nice. As for your top, we’ll trust your creativity with that.

3. The Soho Look

The Soho Look

Who says the corporate world need be all blacks, grays, and browns? Light colored long sleeve blouses with a matching short skirt will definitely get your office groove going. Your clients will not only appreciate your business, but also the fashion sense that brightens up their day.

2. The Full Getup

The Full Getup

Urban outfits need not be complicated. But if you really want to look hip and trendy, dress yourself up from head to toe. By all means feel free to layer up and accessorize to your heart’s desire. There’s just so many items to experiment with – sweaters, hats, shirts, bags, and accessories. Mix and match items until you find the perfect combination.

1. The Little Black Dress

1. The Little Black Dress

This year, black dresses are no longer party or date night get-ups. They are most ideal for a casual wear for the urban icon like you. As a matter of fact, most of the best urban outfits this year come in a black monotone. So don’t limit yourself to just the little dress. A pair of black pants or shorts to go with a designer black top is sure to create the same urban chic effect. This is one of the urban outfits that should never be missing in your closet.


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