Snoop Dogg’s Hip Hop Fashion Sense


Snoop Dogg, without doubt, is one of the most successful hip hop artists of all time. But he’s not just successful on stage with his music – he’s also quite popular anywhere he goes for his hip hop fashion. He may not be a true-blue hip hop trendsetter per-se. But he certainly makes marks whenever he shows dressed smartly for an occasion. Here’s a taste of what hip hop fashion should look like, as declared by the Snoop himself.

Tee and beanie

10. The Casual Tee and Beanie

Nothing beats a straight-up, no frills look. Snoop Dogg projects this look well, and without losing the hip hop fashion touch at all. Pairing a beanie that comes in the same shade as the jacket did the trick. On the other hand, all his other accessories went well with his blue shirt. Nice work.

The Jersey

9. The Jersey

Thanks to Snoop Dogg, walking the dogs clad in a jersey suddenly made sense. Wearing a yellow and green shirt with a matching pair of pants, Snoop Dogg proved yet again that hip hop fashion need not be complicated. All you need is the right attitude.

Snoop Dogg Blings

8. The Blings

Who says you can’t be a real hip hop fashion trendsetter without all the blings? Well, Snoop believes that too but he doesn’t overdo it at all. He wears just a couple of necklaces, a ring in each hand, and a bracelet. Just perfect. Oh, he’s got a pair of earrings too. And those glasses? You gotta own one, man!

The Leather Jacket

7. The Leather Jacket

If there’s one thing that Snoop Dogg likes wearing to gigs the most, it’s a jacket. And he surely has got all types of them. The black leather jacket he’s wearing here makes him the hip hop authority that he really is. Match it with that kind of hairdo and you certainly make a good package. Gentlemen, that’s the one and only Snoop Dogg for you.

The Cardigan

6. The Cardigan

Snoop Dogg is one of the very few hip hop artists who can wear a cardigan and get away with it. How he’s able to do that, we don’t really know. But then again, fashion should make sense and that’s what Snoop Dogg is doing. He wears something he feel comfortable in – whether it screams hip hop or not.

Jacket and sweats

5. The Prints

Gearing up for a TV appearance is no big deal – at least for Snoop Dog. What he’s got here is a nice long-sleeve shirt with interesting prints. Black has always been Snoop Dog’s favorite so we’ll just leave it as that. The square sunglasses are best choice for the outfit. And again, Snoop’s personality tied everything up together.

College Jacket

4. The College Jacket

Hip hop fashion will never be complete without these classic pieces. Snopp Dogg obviously owns one too, and had worn it in one of his gigs. He also wears that unmistakable Bob Marley beanie, which could mean he’s paying homage to an equally great artist. These hip hop stars do flock together. And that’s one thing that makes them strong.

Button Downs

3. The Button Down Shirt

Who says hip hop artists can’t wear something nice? Snoop Dogg can, so should the others. He has dressed up carefully for his Adidas event and he’s done it quite well. The hat, the glasses, and the jacket had surely made placed him among the more respectable men in the group.

The Suit

2. The Suit

Any artist, regardless of his genre, would have to wear a suit at one point or the other – especially if you’re as good as Snoop Dogg and you need to accept numerous award. Wearing something formal but still keeping to your hip hop legacy shouldn’t be hard to do. Snoop Dogg has executed this particular rather suit well. Other hip hop artists are advised to follow his lead.

The Million Dollar Look

1. The Million Dollar Look

How should you look if you woke up one day and realized that you just became one million dollar richer? That particular look could be what Snoop is trying to project. The open black shirt, the black suit, and the dark glasses say it all. A handful of hip hop royalties try so hard to look expensive by wearing too much accessories. Snoop Dogg does it less but with more grandeur.


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