Adidas Superstar II Review

Adidas Superstar II

There are shoes that are made to last and there be pairs that are only good for the hype. Check out the Adidas Superstar II and be the judge as to what category they fit better. Read on to know more about these trainers and know why almost everybody else owns a pair or two.

The Look

When it comes to look and style, only two words come to mind: classic and nice. Really, that’s everything you can say about this pair. On hindsight, one may think that these shoes are just for the regular johns. Well, maybe. The look and style of this pair is not for those who want ostentatious designs. The Adidas Superstar II doesn’t have too many jolts, frills, or twirls. It comes in only two shades, has three lines on the sides, and the logo at the back. Nothing too loud. Just clean yet rugged.


As far as sneakers are concerned, comfort is of paramount importance. The Adidas Superstar II is the type that grows on you. If and when they fit you well, you can count on them to be one of the most comfortable shoes you’ll ever wear. The leather uppers are soft enough to get your feet moving and breathing. They are ideally made for walking, although they can support some slightly intensive activities as well. However, they can’t give you the same comfort on the hardcourt, if that’s what you want. Either way, they’re still best for those every day, casual uses.

Fit and Sizing

Some people complain that the Adidas II is too narrow for them or about half an inch off. However, only a handful of users experience such a dilemma. While you are advised to get the size that you usually wear, expect to have a problem if your foot is somewhat wider than usual. While there are pairs that are cut to a tee for some, there may be some who will be a little disappointed. After all, there’s no true one-size-fits all. And besides, that’s a known problem encountered with all other types of shoes. And remember, you might have to wear these kicks several times to fully conform to the contours of your feet.


The best feature of these sneakers is without doubt, durability. These pairs with the iconic shell toe are estimated to last an average of three years. It is performance against regular wear and tear is exceptional. Try wearing them every day for a year and they’ll still feel as comfortable as they used to. These trainers are good for walking and light activities. Some even use them as work shoes and they perform beautifully.

The Verdict

The Adidas Superstar II has a lot of very good points. However, some may think that they are a bit toned down in terms of style. Here’s the advice: if you’re looking for a good pair of casual shoes that goes best with your jeans, khakis, and shorts, these are going to be the best choice for you.

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