Most Popular Timberland Shoes of All Time


Timberland is referred to the most reliable, good old yellow boots. The Timbs has its own league of fans, which include celebrities in the likes of Rhianna, Rita Ora, and Kanye West, among many others. No doubt that it’s the most popular yellow shoes in the world over. But among the many kinds and types of Timberlands released, there are 10 distinct ones that made it to this list of the most popular Timberland shoes of all times. Some of these pairs you may still catch at a Timberland store. So go out now and get them while they’re still hot. And it’s best if you’ve got some Timberland  coupons to go along with your purchase for extra discount. The most popular Timbs to date are:

10. Timberland Earthkeepers “Rugged Originals”

Timberland Earthkeepers Rugged Originals

Those who are looking for the ultimate outdoor Timbs will love this pair for all its worth. This is an outdoor-tested boots that doesn’t just make its wearer look good, they’d feel good too. How? It’s because these Timberland shoes belong to the brand’s environment friendly line, the Earthkeepers. Being so, it means that these Timbs were created and can be disposed of with a very small carbon footprint required. Isn’t that the best thing? So if you’re an environmental conscious individual, head now to a Timberland store to get yourself one of these. And yes, don’t you forget those Timberland coupons!

9. Timberland x David Z “Grey Construction Boot”

Timberland x David Z Grey Construction Boot

The collaboration of Timberland and David Z footwear is one of the most celebrated in the yellow boots history. This pair was actually the first ever shoe design collaboration for the former. Nothing short of being a rare find, these Timberland shoes were distributed in wooden boxes along with a collector’s item book and two drawstring bags back in 1998. This limited edition Timberland design only has less than 2,000 pairs sold worldwide.

8. Timberland Arida

Timberland Arida

These tan Timbs are highly recommended for hiking and climbing. So if you’re the mountain type of a guy, you’ll find this pair the best fit for you. Comfortable yet durable, you’ll look for no other brand after trying these on. These Timberland shoes were made of premium leather with a strongly stitched exterior, have a well cushioned insole for superior foot support, and optimum traction for easy of movement. There are a lot of these shoes still being sold at many Timberland stores. If you want them on, rush out now to get yours.

7. Timberland Pro Pitboss

Timberland Pro Pitboss

This Timberland pair is the ultimate work boots that many men are looking for. The pair’s steel toe construction effectively meets the safety standards of ANSI, thus making it fit for the usual hazards associated with a regular working day. These Timbs are guaranteed to be tough and strong, yet comfortable and roomy enough to get all your daily chores done in a jiffy. It has got a roomy toe box and a superior rubber outsole that resists oils, slips, and abrasions.

6. Timberland PRO Steel Toe

Timberland PRO Steel Toe

This must be the father of all Steel Toe Timberland shoes ever made. This particular one comes in a 6-inch high cut design packed with features that makes it wearer comfortable and safe at his place of work. These Timbs are waterproof, well-insulated, and very rugged – everything that a laborer is looking for in the most ideal pair of shoes. They are also oil resistant, antimicrobial, well-padded, shock absorbing, and offer durable traction. For those holding Timberland coupons, you may still catch these pair at any online Timberland store.

5. Timberland x Black Scale

Timberland x Black Scale

Do you know what the hottest Timberland collaboration is right now? The one they had with Black Scale! This particular Timbs is all set up for the Fall collection. The shoes are made up of high class black leather, and then accessorized with a woodland camouflage collar and a red heel tab. This hot new pair will prove to be a great find at any Timberland store. Get your eyes peeled for it!

4. Timberland PRO Titan Alloy

Timbe4 Timberland PRO Titan Alloyrlnd PRO Titan Alloy

This model must be one of the lightest Timbs ever created. This pair was specifically engineered to be the most functional work boots that is both durable and comfortable. Indeed, they are the ultimate safety shoes for laborers as they come with not just the usual slip, oil, and abrasion-resistant features, it also offers electrical hazard protection too. Guaranteed to come in almost the perfect fit, these Timberland shoes also boast of antimicrobial features, polyurethane foot bed and midsole, temperature regulating technology, and a nylon diffusion shank. Shop for one with a Timberland coupon from your favorite Timberland store and you may just get the best deal in town.

3. Timberland x Mark McNairy

Timberland x Mark McNairy

Another prized collaboration, this Timberland shoes are the masterpieces of the famed designer Mark Mcnairy. These pairs that were released in 2012 were made with premium suede leather and lug soles. A highly supreme outdoor apparel, this Timbs can withstand all weather conditions all year round. It comes in a 6” high cut design with embossed logo details on each side.

2. Timberland x Stussy

Timberland x Stussy

Another design that belongs to the premium collection of Timberland shoes, these shoes that are created in collaboration with Stussy New York has taken the 2013 boots market by storm. The design was staged in celebration with the latter’s new store opening on Spring Street. The resulting pair is the Timberland footwear that looks like an update of the classic Chukka Boot, just sporting a lot of the distinct Stussy details. Such details are the Stussy #4 logo, gold side zip, branded tongues, hangtags, and other gold hardware. This Timbs is made with waterproof nubuck leather for its upper material and lug gum rubber for its outsole.

1. Timberland Chukka Boot

Timberland Chukka Boot

Tagged as the most popular Timberland classic, this best-selling pair of boots comes in a shorter silhouette than the usual 6-inch Timbs. It is also made with waterproof construction, work boot styling, rugged outsoles, and superior insulation. These Timberland shoes are highly durable and can withstand everyday wear and tear, including all kinds of weather conditions. As a certified classic, these Timbs are almost always used as the basis for the newer Timberland shoe designs. But the good news is, you may still catch this pair at any Timberland store worldwide or through any authorize online resellers. And try to buy a pair with a Timberland coupon so its price goes even lower.


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