Most Popular Reebok Shoes of All Time


Reebok is a highly favored English shoe brand founded in Bolton Lancashire. Known worldwide, the brand is quite successful in generating a huge number of fans and followers hooked to their every creation. Over the years, Reebok has made a strong impact in the sneakers industry, thus making it one of the forerunners in terms of style, fashion, and functionality. The designs that made it to the list of most popular Reebok Shoes of all time are as follows:

10. Reebok LX8500

Reebok LX8500

First released in 1985, the Reebok LX8500 has always been a sight to behold. And mainly because of its popularity, the same model is back with a vengeance in 2013. When it did, the design details were more vivid and detailed, while effectively preserving its vintage look. When you closely, you’ll see creases, faded hues, and even some yellowing glue on the shoes. If anything, those details made this Reebok shoes the most interesting catch of of all.

9. Reebok The Shroud

Reebok The Shroud

This versatile / convertible type of Reebok shoes was made popular by no other than Shawn Kemp. It is, in fact, one of this last signature pieces. A very radical pair released in 1998, this Reebok shoes can either be zipped up or zipped down, depending on how you want it to look like. It’s a very pretty pair to look at, not to mention that it also provides its wearer optimum control and support. This pair uses a nylon ghilley lacing system, EVA sock liner, and a flexible 3D UltraLite sole cushioning.

8. Reebok Pump Graphite

Reebok Pump Graphite

Released in the early 1990s, these not-so new Reebok shoes are easily considered as classics. And because of its cool, vintage design, it made a comeback in 2010. Then and now, the look of these Reebok shoes remained unchanged. If you do want to get a pair today, you may still be able to do so from a lot of online shoes stores selling Reeboks.

7. Reebok BB 5600

Reebok BB 5600

Also regarded as one of the greatest sneakers of all time, these Reebok shoes strongly rival that of the other brands. For starters, the pair could be the most popular aerobics shoes Reebok has ever created. Sold in 1986, this pair is known to work beautifully both on the hard court and with other performance-intensive activities. There’s no doubt why this particular pair gave the other brands a run for their money.

6. Reebok Classic Leather Whites

Reebok Classic Leather Whites

When it comes to Reebok shoes, the whites have always been the favorites. This particular design is considered a classic. With styles for both men and women, they’re nice enough to go with just about any casual outfit. Performance wise, they are perfect for almost all outdoor activities. They are so good that you can still buy new Reebok shoes in this design from any Reebok online shoes store worldwide.

5. Reebok Dual Pump Runner

Reebok Dual Pump Runner

This Reebok pair is one of the most promising sneakers back in 1991. During that time, these were the ones with the most radiant color schemes. These Reebok shoes are made specifically for running, that’s why it is the pair that is most recreated, remodeled, and collaborated with. As a matter of fact, one of its 90s models was re-released recently. And when you check out that pair from the official Reebok online stores, you’ll note that the new release remains true to its original form. Get yours while you still can!

4. Reebok Question


It was Allen Iverson who made this Reebok model immensely popular in 1996. Fifteen years after its initial release, the same pair still sells like hotcakes. When you really think about it, who wouldn’t want to wear something that an NBA top player has worn during most of his career? These Reebok shoes come in a three-way color scheme, such as white-blue-ice, white-red-ice, and black-white-gold. These sneakers are made with full-grain leather for its upper material, CMEVA with Hexalite for its midsole, and solid rubber for the outsole.

3. Reebok KamiKaze2

Reebok KamiKaze2

The Kamikaze2 is another pair of Reebok shoes popularized by Shawn Kemp. The pair’s legendary color and design is very striking. As a matter of fact, it almost shocked Reebok fans when they first saw it. The Kamikaze2 follows a patented zigzag design that never fails to amaze. There’s a pair for both men and women so just indulge yourself if you still see one sold at a Reebok online shoes store.

2. Reebok Shaqnosis


Do you know what Shaquille O’Neal had said about the design of the Shaqnosis when he first saw it? He went, “I was hypnotized.” Now you know why the shoes was named as it is. These shoes were so popular that its unmistakable design made a comeback in 2013, and with retro treatments no less. Though Shaquille was already years into retirement, the pair still makes the same hypnotic impact on its wearers. These Reebok shoes were first released in 1995, during Shaq’s glory days on the hard court.

1. Reebok Blast

Reebok Blast

These 1995 Reebok shoes actually belongs to the design league of KamiKaze2 and Shaqnosis. Made famous by Nick Van Exel himself, this pair effectively used the black-on-white design (and its reverse) to achieve that dynamic, exploding effect at the soles. These Reebok shoes feature Hexalite cushioning and offers superior ankle protection. If you missed this pair in 1995, worry not. It is slated to make a comeback in 2014 and most probably, in the future. And you guessed it right, fans will always anticipate its re-release so expect a fast soldout everytime.


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