Most Popular New Balance Shoes of All Time


If you love New Balance shoes like a lot of people do, then you’ll be wondering which designs made it to the most popular list of all time. If you’re all about sneakers and wearing the trendiest pair available has always been your goal, go through this list and you’ll find a few more interesting and very popular New Balance shoes that you may get for yourself.

10. New Balance 574 “Infrared”


Released in 2013, this hot new new pair of New Balance shoes sold like pancakes because of its glowing wonder. The upper material is a combination of mesh and suede, topped by long pinkish-orange laces. The black accents on these shoes sealed the whole deal off. This is indeed one of the best New Balance shoes created, at least in terms of fashion and style.

9. New Balance MW811 “Walking Shoes”


Tagged as the most popular New Balance walking shoes of all time, this pair will get you asking where are New Balance shoes made at. Its upper material is made of synthetic leather and comes with two Velcro straps for an adjustable closure. The shoes are fully cushioned to assure ease and comfort as you walk all day long. Its added features include a TPU outsole, the patented Walking Strike Path design, removable cushioned insole, shock-absorbing midsole, and the RollBar graphite construction. These New Balance shoes were very popular in 2008.

8. Concept x New Balance 998 “C-Note”

Concept x New Balance 998 C-Note

When the new $100 bill was released, this pair of New Balance shoes took the cue. Its colors were inspired by the new bill, thus its name, “C-Note”. These must be the only subdued-colored New Balance shoes that became very popular in 2013. The soles are accented with a pale yellow hue while the upper material is made with off-white suede leather with royal blue and brown accents. If you loved the new $100 bill, you’ll love these New Balance custom shoes even better.

7. 686 x New Balance MT580 “Supernova”

686xnew-balance mt580-supernova

If you are a limited edition New Balance shoes collector, you have surely heard about this one. This orange and blue number can really put you on. They’re hot and they are every New Balance shoes collectors dream. Walking around the block with this particular pair screams attention. Wearing it, you’ll definitely get the kind that you wanted. Very popular back in 2009, you will only come across this New Balance shoes today in very rare occasions.

6. New Balance “Abzorb”

New Balance Abzorb

If you’re an athlete, then you surely must have wondered if you can customize New Balance shoes. Well, you might not have to. New Balance Abzorb is the pair that is especially made for your active lifestyle. It can definitely cater to a lot of performance-driven activities such as running, hiking, and training. It is also perfect for sports like baseball, basketball, and tennis. The main selling point of this 2013 New Balance shoes is it shock absorption technology, which effectively displaces energy in the right places. The result is better protection and a whole new level of comfort for its active user.

5. Sneaker Freaker x New Balance 998 “Tassie Devils”


Do you need a pair of New Balance shoes that can put you somewhere between casual and formal? With the Tassie Devils, you are looking at the pair that you really need. Tassie Devils belongs to the New Balances shoes collaboration series that bravely uses the violet, black, and white color combination to create a more sophisticated effect. This new look on the New Balance 998 design collection definitely made the brand more appealing to a much larger audience. No doubt this is one of the most popular New Balance shoes of 2013.

4. Mita Sneakers x FRAT x New Balance MT576S “Bamboo Rake”

new-balance-frat-mt576-sneaker freaker

We first saw these New Balance shoes in 2009. Then it made its grand comeback in 2011. Seeing a pair that was released twice in the market means only one thing – fans can’t get enough of its gray and skull design, which comes complete with a touch of purple inner lining. So if you consider yourself a part of the gray skull tribe, you surely own a pair. After all, you had twice the chance to get them.

3. New Balance 997.5

New Balance 997 5

Why are these New Balance shoes so popular? Simple. Because it’s a 997.5. That means it belongs to the rarer type of New Balance shoes. And yes, it’s the kind that lies between the 997 and 998. You can safely say that the 997.5 is a mashup of those two design series, and is made with the same high class pigskin leather. By the way, there’s one more reason why they are very popular – Kanye West loved them!

2. New Balance 998

New Balance 998

When you think about it, who didn’t own or know about this attractive and very irresistible classic pair of New Balance shoes? This is one of the few pairs that grew up with a lot of men. Ask your dad about it. If he’s the sneaker kind of guy in his youth, chances are high that he owned a pair himself. And he probably still has one today. Fans simply love the simplicity and style of these suede New Balance custom shoes.

1. New Balance 999

New Balance 999

This one’s yet another classic. And that’s the reason why it is damn popular. The 999 is the successor to the 998, thus making it worthy to be in this well-coveted first spot. When this design was first released, they successfully matched and surpassed the popularity of the 998. These classic New Balance shoes are made to last a lifetime, at least in the design arena. Wear it on and you’ll enjoy optimum comfort and style. These classic running shoes have always been the best buy in the market, both then and now.


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