Most Popular Adidas Shoes of All Time


Among the top brands of sneakers in the whole world is Adidas. Created by a German company in 1949, it boasts of almost 70 years of excellence in sneakers design and manufacturing. No wonder why it enjoys the distinction of being one of the oldest shoe brands globally. If you’re a certified Adidas sneaker fan, you’d surely enjoy checking out which pairs belong to the top 10 most popular Adidas shoes of all time. Read on and see. Let’s start off with:

10. Adidas Nastase

Adidas Nastase

You’ve never seen a pair of tennis shoes as good and as popular as the Adidas Nastase. Named after the Romanian pro tennis player Ilie Nastase, this white, blue, and gray Adidas shoes is the pair that made sneakers synonymous to tennis shoes and vice versa. These shoes were first released in 1975, which is about the same time when Ilie was hailed as the world’s No. 1 tennis player.

9. Adidas ZX 8000

Adidas ZX 8000

From the 70s, let’s head on to the premium 80s Adidas shoes design with the ZX 8000. This pair was released in 1989, proudly sporting the most vibrant color scheme of Adidas shoes ever released during that decade. The pair dons the shades of aqua, yellow, and purple in one intriguing combination that can definitely make any sneaker head’s eye pop out in admiration.

8. Adidas C-Billups

Adidas C-Billups

Adidas has its own share of basketball stars as endorsers. And Chauncey Billups is one of them. As a matter of fact, these signature Adidas sneakers were the only pair that he wore during the entire length of the 2006 NBA season. It was in 2006 when the pair went out and became the fastest selling shoes in any Adidas outlet.

7. Adidas Samoa

Adidas SamoaAnother pair from the 70s design collection is the Adidas Samoa. While these may look like plain-looking shoes, they’re the best training pair that you can ever get at that time. The pair’s nondescript white and black design that comes with the very distinct Adidas logo on its tongue, thus making it a great buy overall. These shoes are so popular that it made a comeback in the 80s, and again in 2014. That means you may still get this shoe at any Adidas outlet near you.

6. Adidas The Kobe

Adidas The Kobe

Made for the flying basketball superstar Kobe Bryant, this Adidas pair isn’t just the dream of every LA Lakers fan. Even car addicts will find the pair very interesting. Released in 2000, the designers of this shoe took inspiration from a popular car model, the Audi TT. So technically, when you take home this shoe, you’re also taking home a car and Kobe with you.

5. Adidas Top Ten

Adidas Top TenThese Adidas shoes won’t make it to this list if it wasn’t a clear top ten. This particular pair was first introduced in the 70s, and then found its way back into the market every decade hence. Clearly, Adidas sneakers fans can’t get the most out of it, thus making it one of the most popular Adidas shoes of all time. And yes, you may still get it from the official online store or from any Adidas outlet.

4. Adidas Ewing Conductor

Adidas Ewing Conductor

These Patrick Ewing-inspired Adidas shoes are described as the bulky black high top. It comes in different colors, with the all-white and the blue/orange design being the top choices for sneaker fans. These shoes are so good that they are held the best in style, durability, and performance. Released in 1987, they’re mostly known for being exclusively manufactured in France.

3. Adidas Stan Smith

Adidas Stan Smith

If you’re an avid follower of tennis, then you’ll know who Stan Smith is. These Adidas shoes named after him is clearly the king of all tennis shoes. Released in 1986, this pair became widely popular than the Adidas Challenger or any of Lendl’s signature Adidas shoes. These clean, beautiful, and simple pair of sneakers is a clear favorite of many sneaker collectors. You can just imagine the rampage that happened in any Adidas outlet when it was reissued in 2014.

2. Adidas KB8

Adidas KB8

The newer and sleeker Kobe Bryant Adidas shoes design is expected to become more popular than what the brand had for him initially. Technically, this pair was marketed as Kobe’s first signature shoe. The pair was very aggressively styled and was created using the shoe design technology that was way ahead of time. Incidentally, the pair was reborn 15 years after Kobe claimed it to be his very own. But when it was remarketed as the Crazy 8, it had Derrick Rose as its model.

1. Adidas Superstar


Adidas Superstar

You’ll definitely know a good Adidas shoes when you see one. This particular pair is more than just a classic – it almost became the official shoes of the NBA during the 70s. Thanks to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, its popularity shot even more in the whole world over.

However, its appearance on the hard court waned a decade after. But that’s also when the hip hop culture took the cue and made it a costume staple. Artists in the likes of DMC and similar performers were seen wearing these white shoes in most of their gigs.


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