Best Celebrity Fashion Transformation


Celebrities do change a lot – from the color of their hair all the way to their overall fashion sense. Some of these transformations are worth raving about. Listed below are the 10 celebrities whose fashion transformations have done them well.

10. Rihanna


This girl from Barbados entered the music scene with baggy pants and cropped shirt. The then-long haired Rihanna thought she will make a fashion statement while showing off the band of her underwear above her loose pants. She has indeed transformed her style over the years- from the trashy look to a classier yet edgier fashion. Over the years, we saw her ditch her pants as she put on more figure hugging gowns showing off her petite, sculpted body. We saw her hair dyed from black to brown, red, blonde and beyond. At times she would wow us with an oversized padded jacket or an almost see-it-all gown, but Riri definitely found her style and identity when it comes to fashion.

9. Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

When Taylor Swift started out in music, it’s all about the jeans, the cowboy hat and her beloved guitar. Today, this girl has come out to be a well-sophisticated girl and rocking concert stages not in jeans anymore, but in sequined dresses and fun outfits that show her fun personality and great energy. She likes sporting ultra feminine outfits and is not afraid of colors, ribbons or sparkles! She is a big trendsetter to girls around the world and won’t be spotted wearing racy clothing but always something girly, classy and all Taylor-y.

8. Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato hailed from the world of Disney. She has a lot of fun stuff going on during her teen years that shows off a lot in her choice of cloehts. Demi would always dress age-appropriate during her Disney years and always sport that big smile. As she enters the music industry, she transformed her look and always looks like a million dollar lady. She wore outfits that say ‘I am serious with my music’. Demi did not lose her edgy style but mixed it with more sophisticated pieces that get the approval of a lot of fans.

7. Emma Watson

Emma Watson

Emma Watson became a phenomenal, worldwide hit when she played Hermione in the Harry Potter movies. Her fashion style is pretty much magical, combining edgy things and a lot of colors. As a young artist, she plays around and experimented a lot with her style. When she has officially ‘mature’, she sported a more classy look and sported a short bob cut and match it up with a very refined taste. She still gets very experimental though, wearing a high slit dress with pants on a red carpet, but that’s just how playful she is, with or without a magic wand.

6. Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez started out as a Disney talent before entering the music scene and the silver screen. During the beginning of her career, her style is mostly made up of Converse jeans and shoes, typical of a high school/ college girl. She would attend red carpet events with very girly themed dresses with flowers, ruffles and pastel colors. Lately, this teen star is showing off her ‘grown-up’ side showing off her curves with peep hole dresses and wearing a lot of red and nude colored gowns. And the best accessory of all during red carpet events is not her bag or jewels, but her all-so-famous boyfriend Bieber.

5. Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart did not debut in the silver screen in Twilight but she has been doing movies since the age of 12. In 2003, during the premier of Cold Creek Manor, she wore a crisp polo shirt and faded jeans, which is OK for the mall, but we are not sure if it is red carpet-worthy. As she rises to fame, Kristen still sticks with muted colors and would often rock the colors white and black, which she adores. She is not afraid to show some skin but always keep it sleek and sophisticated.

4. Katy Perry

Katy Perry

Katy Perry came at a time when the music industry is flocked with custom-clad performers. So, she did what she had to do and went to red carpet events dressed in costumes. She would put plastic fruits to her dress or stuffed dice of black, red and white. But as she was accepted as a real performer and singer, she toned it down and wore “normal clothes”. Katy Perry is really sexy and curvy, even in long sleeves and all wrapped in a beautiful long, lace dress she came out phenomenal. And that blue hair is just amazing and gives her the ultimate pop diva look.

3. Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence did not enter Hollywood clueless about fashion. In fact, she has a lot of potential as a A-lister even as a newbie. She started out wearing very boho-chic outfits and super girly dresses. As she snags the Oscars best actress and when her name started to click, designers and stylists go to her to make her the ultra-modern chic girl. She never goes over the top but always looks super sexy in every red carpet dress she wore.  She’s not a fan of loud outfits and always prefer sleek and classy ones that truly embrace her body and her personality. It’s true she is the ‘girl on fire’.

2. Beyonce


Beyonce has a lot not-so-shining moments when she is still with her all- girl group band Destiny’s Child. Her mother actually designs and styles the girls. Most of the times, it didn’t come out just right. Designing a dress and then design it again four girls is just seems too much. By the time Queen B made her own name in the music industry, her own style came out too. There’s a lot of sleek and body hugging gowns in the red carpet paired with perfect hair and makeup plus the stunning jewelries. Even with a baby bump, B can rock a tight hugging dress any time.

1. Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman look unassuming and your girl next door with this oversized blazer she wore in the Premiere night of Mighty Aphrodite in 1995. Then on, Natalie’s style becomes more of Hollywood-appropriate by wearing bold colors and prints. But it was in the year 1999, during the release of Star Wars that Natalie started wearing sleek and fitting clothes fit for a princess. She now sports a lot of Grecian dresses and a lot of revealing deep neck cut dresses, which still looks very classy because of her not-so-full chest. Natalie remains to be one of the top must-see actress whenever she steps on the red carpet.


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