The SoJones Interview: Camp Lo

Hey SoJones! We we able to thankfully catch up with rap 90’s legends Camp Lo a while ago and finally got able to publish it for your enjoyment. We would like to thank Swurv Radio and the family for setting this up!


We do it the biggest at SoJones.
We do it the biggest at SoJones.

(credit to @dysmanic)

This new album of yours is entirely produced by ski beatz. for people who don’t know, ski produced “dead presidents” on Jay Z’s ‘reasonable doubt’ album. What is like working with a producer of his caliber? also, you have a long extensive working relationship with ski; how did you all meet?
20 years and counting, back in 93 ski met with camp lo on the block. Everyone since then has been working together. Working with him; hes a member of the team, what we think he already knows.

You guys have a long and impressive career with a multitude of releases, do you have any advice for longevity and success for those up and coming artists? And do you have any different types of advice for rappers versus producers?
Keep it original! Don’t get with what everyone else is doing, that only gets you lost in the shuffle. Same for producers!

With so many years at it, there’s obviously a lot of studio time involved. do you guys have a most funny or crazy in-studio story?
Wow im trying to comb my memories. It has to be on that remix? Big pun checked out Saturday night and really listened to it and gave us some really positive words about it. I just remember him saying to keep making that stuff you putting out. No chicks swinging on chandeliers either; just authentic rap music.

Team strong. We bringing back the real to #Sojones
Team strong. We bringing back the real to #Sojones

Personally i feel like people should be familiar with you guys and the Camp Lo brand. but for those who may be new to you, whether due to age or some other reason, is there a specific release you think would be a good starting point for a new fan? or do you think that this new album is a good place for someone to be introduced to Camp Lo? 

I guess I was thinking uptown and this one (“ragtime”)

I saw your interview with Sway and he had asked about the extended version of the album title. i believe he asked about or not drugs were involved. you had said no. don’t take this the wrong way, but do drugs of any sort play any role your creative process? whether that be conceptual or the writing process??

Haha I mean, it came from a sober mind, but I dance with mary jane. Just came back from afghan and you know we take the girl scout with us whenever.

The Bronx duo Camp Lo is taking it to the streets with a promo tour for their latest album release titled Ragtime Hightimes. After having kicked off their first leg of the tour in NYC, they’re making their way to Atlanta’s Vinyl stage on June 11, 2015!

Sonny Cheeba and Geechi Suede comprise the slang-heavy Bronx duo called Camp Lo that rocked the world with their 1997 classic “Luchini.” Though many feel the talented two fell off the map after the release of their first album Uptown Saturday Night, truth is, they’ve been conjuring up musical magic ever since! Most notable, was Camp Lo’s 2013 mixtape 80 Blocks to Tiffany Pt. 2 which was extremely popular amongst die-hard hip-hop fans.

After dropping two singles, “Bright Lights” and “Black Jesus,” Ragtime Hightimes, produced by Ski Beatz, has become a hot item on iTunes since its May 19th release. In addition to the enthusiasm surrounding the return of one of hip-hop’s most dynamic duos, they remind their fan base they haven’t skipped a beat in their videos for “Bright Lights” and “You.”