The SoJones couple: Katy Perry X John Mayer

We at SoJones have been wondering where Katy Perry has been at. If it’s not touring, you will know that Katy has been spotted at Disneyland with her on and off partner John Mayer. Is this just a fling or something a lot more serious? We will see, but for now we gotta admit it’s pretty cute seeing them together.

Couple of the year? We think so.
Couple of the year? We think so.

The best thing is about us and the real musicians out there will keep you aware of how to pull the ladies in your web of influence. That is why it will be very easy to keep you interested in what our next story is. We have learned that Katy Perry is great for hosting parties at her mansion with Charli XCX. That will be interesting for sure because a scorpio like Katy Perry always has the party going. Now Katy is talking about how tired she is for paparazzi getting all into her business. Check out what happened on Twitter:

It’s really inappropriate when journalists repurpose interviews done 3 yrs ago in context of promoting a film & then stamp a new date on it.

Then this fiasco came out:
RT :March 2, 2015 print edition of OK! Magazine, we wrongly stated that Katy Perry was pregnant & that she was planning a wedding

They go 'who is that?' when she walks by. #katy #scorpio
They go ‘who is that?’ when she walks by. #katy #scorpio

Now what to believe? All we know is that Katy likes to keep her privacy intact. This is why Katy was known to say she didn’t even want to talk to Russell in the first place. So what to make of this relationship with John Mayer? Do you think this one can last? According to Hollywood life:

“He hasn’t spoken to me since he texted me saying he was filing for divorce,” she said at the time. “I don’t want to talk about him — my songs will say what I need to say.”

The interview also asked her about their cat Rusty, which was a combination of their names.

“I still have the cat,” Katy said. “But I’ve changed her name to Monkey.”

Of course everyone is gonna have an opinion, from the old lady running the trap house to the dishwashing house manager from the town. All we know is all of the celebs are wanting to move to red hot california as the Bay Area is getting some notoriety as the place where innovation is born. Do you think you can handle being in California like Marcus Marsaliss and the big homie J.O?