Stalley Knocks on GoodWood NYC

New York is the new New York. Every month there seems to be a new neighborhood grabbing headlines for the title of  ‘the new creative epicenter’. The recent collaboration between Brooklyn based GoodWood NYC and rapper Stalley, however, proves the creative energy flying around New York knows no boundaries.


GoodWood’s eclectic, unique products feature well-designed and clever products that feel truly one of a kind and undoubtedly hip. Stalley’s signature beard and hat makes for graphic excellence against a wooden backdrop iphone case. Translated to fashion think: flannel shirts paired with a studded leather hat. The natural merging of music and design was the obvious theme of the night.

Harlem’s shoe and accessory retailer Atmos, where not one dull shoe dares take up an inch of space on the eight-foot cubbied walls, hosted the event and brought out a crowd of New York’s finest. Many attendees were locals and cite the store as a great hangout spot that often hosts cool events. The walls oozed of creative energy and a ground for sharing ideas as the sea of youthful attendees bounced and mingled.


The crowd dressed like themselves; they dressed to impress. Customization, color, and unexpected mixtures of materials made each attendee stand out. Here are some of the most notable fashion take always from the event:

1. Throw out your previously held notions surrounding grey sweatpants. Yes, the sweatpants we all own and wear on hungover Sundays accessorized with nothing other than coffee stains and Netflix. Take note: sweatpants with a well-fitted flannel layered over a graphic sweatshirt, bright colored beanie, and gold limited edition Nikes looks more dapper than the one guy in a suit standing in the corner.

2. Reconsider the Canadian Suit; denim on denim is hot. One party attendee wears medium wash jeans cropped up to reveal Timberland style boots paired with the same wash denim jacket.

3. Always wear leather everywhere you can. This means leather pants, leather backpacks (you might even add hundreds of gold studs), leather pants, leather hat, leather watch, sleeves, elbow patches. You get the idea. I might mention, fake leather trumps the real deal.

4. Wear your self. Wear art. Emerging designer, Tyrone Estrella, inspired the crowd wearing nothing but his own sewn creations. For jewelry, he adorned his bright orange hat with lined up tiny gold safety pins paired with leather pants that laced up at the thighs. A skateboarder wears a sweatshirt and his friend’s hat featuring Keith Haring’s art.

It’s companies like GoodWood NYC and artists like Stalley that inspire a community of emerging designers, artists, entertainers, entrepreneurs, and dreamers alike to work together to do Something, because standing out is more fun than blending in.