Jimmy Kimmel Exposes Girl Who Caught On Fire Twerking (Video)


This is probably my favorite news story in years. Due to recent incidents that have scarred the integrity of hip-hop dance culture, including but not limited to Miley Cyrus‘s twerking meltdown at this year’s MTV VMAs, the media has been running away with every story that even hints toward the culture being a negative influence on society. In efforts to troll the world, Jimmy Kimmel devised the ultimate plan.

Jimmy and Daphne Avalon (Professional Stunt Woman) BKA Caitlin Heller created a fake video of Avalon twerking in her room and then accidentally falling over and catching on fire. The video amassed over 9 M views in less than one week, and was featured on major and local television stations headlined as “The Dangers Of Twerking”.

The moral or the story? You can’t believe everything you see or hear on the internet, news, radio, or blogs unless it’s here at SoJones.com LOL !