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You guys got us feeling good in this next year. Now you will see that artists like Young Thug and Iggy Azalea have exploded onto the scene. Here are some really special songs from artists we are digging even in the new year. Our 2014 artist of the year is none other than Young Thug! Will there be drama between all this gang activity that Chris Brown and others are taking part in?

we ain't got time to see doctors.
we ain’t got time to see doctors.

For some reason, young thug has been asked about everything last year including his sexuality and his involvement with Gangs. Here’s what ‘thugger’ had to say about the drama:

“Yo, let me straighten [this out], man. I f***s with Crips. I got brothers that are Crips, man. I f**k with Nipsey, man. I’m all in mothaf***in’ LAX, nigga. On Slauson. What the f**k you mean? I f**k with Crips, fool. No misunderstanding, nigga. Them my brothers.”

According to HipHopDX, the controversy arose when Atlanta, Georgia, rapper Young Thug stirred up a minor controversy following the release of DeJ Loaf’s “Blood” music video late last month. In the video, which also features Birdman, the rapper appears to make a Crip sign around the 3:49 mark.

The feud between the Crips and their rival gang, the Bloods, has been long-standing and often lethal. Violence is a concern when either gang feels disrespected. Following the release of the “Blood” music video, Watts, California, rapper Glasses Malone responded to Young Thug’s use of the Crip sign in the video, which he posted a picture of on Instagram.

“Disrespectful.. SMMFH… School’s In!!!! #YouGonLearnToday.”

Young Thug, 23, hails from Atlanta, Georgia, and is sometimes known as “Thugger Thugger.” His rap music has been on the scene since 2010, but only recently has begun to attract national and global attention.

The Crips are a very large gang across the country, abundant in prisons and urban cities, and have been associated with multiple crimes, including drug charges, assault, and murder.

According to, currently there is an estimated 800-plus Crips sets in the United States, with the gangs membership being between 30,000 and 35,000 members. Many of the local Crips sets throughout the United States are loosely structured and independent from the original Crips set in Los Angeles.

we up in the morning gotta get bread. #sojonesgrind
we up in the morning gotta get bread. #sojonesgrind

Because of the massive violence and potential for human harm associated with gang activity, some cities have taken very strong stances regarding gang members, sympathizers, and paraphernalia.

According to All Hip Hop News, Young Thug upset some residents of St. Louis in October. The “Stoner” rapper’s comments about the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson, Missouri, led to an online call to ban Thug from STL. Young Thug’s reaction was not necessarily comforting to the city.

During an interview with Bossip on the BET Hip Hop Awards red carpet, Thugger was asked about the policing of black men as it relates to the Brown case.

“Leave that up with the critics and the laws and all that other s**t. We having fun. We iced out. We having money. That’s how we doing it.”

What you gotta say about thugger and his ambitions?

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