SoJones & Emaximus presents: A beautiful mind LP

It’s so amazing how the best online hip hop magazine and the hottest rapper in the Bay Area right now have hooked up again for a vision to share and a plan to execute. We have a short interview with Emaximus to present you:

What has changed since your last release in terms of inspirations?

The feedback from new fans and critics has been excellent. I can say that the people who have heard my mixtape and my EP have been 100% supportive. It makes me what to make greater music and promote my music harder. I am building a strong team with the right people behind me. I want the whole world to hear what Im spitting and respect my artistry in Hip hop and Pop culture period. My faith has strengthen in God and confidence in my creative capabilities. It gives me the power to inspire my son to strive for excellence even when the cards are against you.

What advice would you give your newfound fans that found you through Sojones?

Check out my old songs my present music and watch the metamorphosis of my lyrics as each project is released. My evolution is in each verse and flow pattern. Stay Tuned

Turn up with SoJones and Emaximus!
Turn up with SoJones and Emaximus!

What do you think about how the rap game is going in terms of variety? What do you offer in this album that people can’t get anywhere else?

I look at it this way;  Some artist are coming with it  Lyrically , Some aren’t. I think some rappers don’t care about lyrics, they just want to tell  their story and groove which makes me think if they can put more effort into writing they would have a doper song cause the beat is knockin’.There is variety out there nowadays you just have to look for it. We all know some artists are more promoted than others but since equipment and studios are more mobile and the internet,  there is a better chance of finding the type of hip hop you want. Just have to bypass the Bullshit. Too many artists are trying to copy what is popular.

Would you say your lyrical way of spitting rhymes will set the tone for club rap as well as backpack rap?

SoJones and Emaximus are up next, and never left. #Hiphop2014sojones
SoJones and Emaximus are up next, and never left. #Hiphop2014sojones

Im aiming for lyrical seekers, G’S OG’S Young Generation, Hip Hop heads to repsect my skills and style. I definitely have a point to prove that I great in my lane of hip hop. I want to inspire other MC’s and influence listeners with my content. I  call it Lyrical Physical Fitness. I  aim to make a solid mark on Hip Hop and the world.

A Beautiful Mind is Abstract Reality funk, It’s a vision of Emaximus in Grind mode. It has tracks from a ambitious (West Coast) perspective  It’s the Beginning of my evolution from just a MC hustler. Its  a upbeat project where listeners will want to listen from start to finish bending corners riding the strip. That’s what it brings to the table.

His album, a beautiful mind, can be found on the Boston Label– just Google him as well and you will find everything you need.

Rise of rap stars on SoJones!

So who is ready to turn up this weekend with some good bay area music? Let’s hear your thoughts in the comments!