The Most Name-Dropped Brands in Jay Z’s Music

Jay Z is living a luxury-filled life. Aside from being among the richest and the most respected rappers of our time and Beyonce’s better half, he is also an entrepreneur, a producer, author, and art collector. Another mark of his being a self-made artist is his signature way of name-dropping brands in his music. If you are a Jay Z fan, you would know his evolving taste when it comes to designer labels through his hits.

Luckily for us, Vanity Fair has taken the tedious task of scouring his discography and sorting out the brands that the hip hop mogul has been name-dropping in his music. From alcohol, clothing labels, accessories, to weapons, the chart below will give you a better look on the products that Jay Z has referenced in most of his songs.

Most Mentioned Brands in Jay Z’s Songs