Hunza G Shares Throwback Video Of Bella Hadid Rocking Their One-Piece Swimsuits

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Hunza G has a history with fashion icons. The celeb-favorite British swimwear brand, known for their signature crinkle fabric, is the designer behind the iconic cutout dress worn by Julia Robert’s character, Vivian Ward, in Pretty Woman (yes, THAT dress). And back in 2016, Bella Hadid sported their swimsuits for her appearance in Love Magazine’s Advent series, a collection of short films – each featuring an A-list model – that was released annually as the outlet’s unique take on an Advent countdown.

The brand is now reminiscing about that moment with a throwback post on their Instagram page. Scroll to see.

'Throwing It Back'

Captioned, “Throwing it back to @bellahadid for @thelovemagazine in 2016. Directed by @rankinarchive | @rankinfilm,” the video opens with upbeat music and the words “Love,” “Love Magazine,” “Bella Hadid,” and “Aerobics” against changing pastel backgrounds. Then the supermodel appears in slo-mo, holding a boombox and wearing a skimpy red one-piece, purple wristbands, and colorful eye makeup reminiscent of the ‘80s.

A Sensual Workout Routine

Hadid then proceeds to do her workout, by turns pulling resistance bands, lifting dumbbells, stretching provocatively, jogging in place, bouncing on an exercise ball, and flexing her biceps.

It’s not all exercise, though. At certain points, she also lights a cigarette, eats a banana, and does a little dance while listening to music through a headset.

Throughout the video, her outfits keep changing, too. The red one-piece she started with becomes a blue one, then pink and yellow, styled with a variety of accessories as well, like fingerless gloves, tassel and hoop earrings, and different belts.

Her Hunza G Swimsuits

The video definitely grabs attention for its sensual nature, but we fashion lovers are just as (or probably more) interested in the chic swimsuits Hadid is wearing. The model sports a variety of Hunza G one-piece styles, and we’re glad to tell you some of them are still available in different colors (even though the video was made six years ago).

The Pamela And Polly

One of the styles is the Pamela, which features spaghetti straps, a scoop neckline, a low back, and of course the brand’s original crinkle fabric. It is available on Hunza G’s website in lilac, orange, fuchsia, black, emerald, lime, metallic denim, and bubblegum, each with a $215 price tag.

In the video, Hadid also briefly sports a halterneck style, which is the Polly. It retails for $215 as well and is available in blush, black, metallic denim, metallic cocoa, and butter.

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