Kylie Jenner Teams Up With Mom Kris For Kylie Cosmetics Collab

Kris and Kylie Jenner hugging
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Fatima Araos

Kylie and Kris Jenner’s latest makeup collab just dropped!

The 25-year-old Kylie Cosmetics mogul and her equally fabulous mother, 66, have come up with another collection four years after they first teamed up for their Momager line. This one is simply called Kris Collection and comes in adorable martini-inspired packaging, an ode to Kris’s love for the cocktail.

Kylie CosmeticsInstagram page started teasing the collab in early September with a lot of martini-themed photos. On September 14, the collection finally launched with five sets of products we’re dying to get our hands on!

Kris Pressed Powder Palette

The gorgeous mother-and-daughter duo went live on Kylie’s YouTube channel to celebrate the launch (with martinis, of course) and talk about the products, beginning with the eyeshadow palette. Packaged like the top of a martini glass with olive-shaped pans, it has 12 shades described by Kylie as “the best introduction to fall,” along with very creative names inspired by Kris’s “iconic quotes” – “Cocktail O’Clock,” “Drunkey Monkey,” and “Proud Mama,” to name a few.

Kris Lip Crayon Set And Lip Serum

Next, the Jenners talked about their matte lip crayons, which include three shades personally picked by Kris. They come with clever names, too, like “But As Her Manager…” and “Don't F*ck With Me.” The third shade is simply called “Classic Kris,” which they both revealed they were wearing that day.

The Kris Collection includes another lip product, an anti-aging serum, that Kylie described in the video as “amazing, it’s so moisturizing.”

Kris Powder Blush & Highlighter Cheek Duo

The fourth product is a face duo that includes a highlighter and blush in a peachy shade personally chosen by Kris, again with clever names. The blush is called “It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere” and the highlighter is “Money Doesn't Grow on Trees.”

“I love that color,” the momager said. “The blush color is my favorite thing. I wear this every day.” Kylie chimed in, saying that she was “moving towards peachy blushes now” herself.

Kris Curetini Undereye Patches

The fifth product in the collection is the Curetini undereye patches.

“I actually use these,” Kylie said. “This formula is also amazing. It’s kind of like cooling, moisturizing. I love to put these on in the morning. If you haven’t gone into undereye patches, you have to get into it.”

Shop all five products on Kylie Cosmetics’ website. The Pressed Powder Palette is $30, the Lip Crayon Set is $32, the Lip Serum is $22, the Cheek Duo is $29, and the Curetini Patches are $24.

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