Get Gorgeous Lashes Like Jessica Alba's With Honest Beauty's Extreme Volume Mascara

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Jessica Alba's Honest Beauty brand has just launched a new volumizing mascara that she's "so excited about." With tons of mascaras already on the market, you might wonder what's so exciting about another one, or if it has something new to offer. Well, hear her out.

What's so great about Honest (and Alba, for that matter) is they're very serious about clean beauty. The 41-year-old actress and entrepreneur isn't just a celeb pushing her products because she has the star power to do so – she really believes in them!

Clean Mascara

Last week, Alba uploaded a video to Honest Beauty's and her own Instagram pages sharing the news of the Extreme Volume Mascara's launch. In the vid, she notes that the company already has the Extreme Length Mascara – "one of the very first products that we ever developed, clean mascara," she says.

"We choose not to use over 25 hundred ingredients, so it's so hard to actually get something that works and is also clean," she adds. "So our Extreme Length Mascara, even people who don't even care about clean beauty are obsessed with it."

The New Extreme Volume Mascara

Next, the Honest Company founder introduces the new Extreme Volume Mascara and discusses what makes it special.

"Blue primer, one of the key elements to getting, like, the richest black color," she explains. "We also have three different sizes of fibers. They're sort of like extensions for your lashes.

She adds that the fibers "distribute a lot of product on your lashes and give you really natural but more of the luminous look to your lashes."

Backed Up By Chemistry

Honest Beauty backs it up with chemistry, too.

In another video post, one of the brand's scientists explains what the blue primer is for.

"In order to make it a richer, darker black, we added the blue primer," she says. "A great way to intensify black and make it look even richer and darker is by adding a blue undertone. It creates intensity, depth and gets rid of that ashy gray undertone that you see with non-vibrant black."

Plant-Based Fibers In Three Different Lengths

In a separate post, she and another scientist also explain why they use fibers in three different lengths. According to the caption, the brand opts for "naturally-derived fibers – small, medium and large – for maximum volume from root to tip," The Extreme Volume Mascara "will give you that 'falsies but not' effect without the potentially harmful ingredients."

Honest Beauty's Extreme Volume Mascara is available on Amazon for $19.99.

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