Rocawear Premium Label Added To Rocawear Clothing Site

Jay-Z in Rocawear Premium

Jay-Z is a busy man these days and his fashion is as diverse as his touring schedule. Each show the Rap Icon who considers himself a Rock Star, steps out in something new that usually comes from the Rocawear clothing brand he once owned or Artful Dodger, a brand he acquired for $15 Million (USD).

“He sold Rocawear while it was making $700 million per year in 2007 but still has to meet some guidelines to get $34 million in Iconix stock. I know why he still wears Rocawear,” says Hip-Hop Fashion History site founder Rodrick Rainey. “As long as Jay-Z puts Rocawear Clothing on, people will buy it. Jay doesn’t wear anything that’s sub par, so it’s not the brand can’t sell itself. This clothing Jay-Z is wearing is called Rocawear premium and it’s harder to find than typical Rocawear clothing anyhow. He just adds fuel to the fire of HypeBeasts as many call trendy shoppers today,” he continues.

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