Wins and Fails: The Holiday Fashion Look

While the holidays are still around the corner, celebrities are strutting around with their season-inspired getups and fashion statements. While some of them have exhibited good fashion sense, others went overboard looking too creative. Here’s what we have found:

1. Rhianna and her Santa Claus Belt

Rhianna and her Santa Claus Belt

Rhianna is wishing everybody a wonderful Christmas in this Ho! Ho! Ho! outfit. The oversized belt is difficult to miss, and it is much more difficult not to associate it with the holiday guest we’re all waiting to go down the chimney. Rhianna’s look may be season-worthy, but not necessarily fashion-forward.

2. Sara Paulson’s Glittery Look

Sara Paulson’s Glittery Look

If you want to be branded as a walking Christmas light, come in terms with Sara’s fashion sense. She is definitely dressed for the season, with all that red trimmings. It’s impossible for anyone not to notice her in that dress, and that’s all we can say.

3. Michelle Obama’s Gift Wrapper Dress

Michelle Obama

Outgoing first lady Michelle Obama has her own way of fashion. And she’s a recognized icon at that. This holiday-inspired look suits her well, though it could remind you of the ribbons and garnishes that every traditional Christmas gift comes with. The dress comes in black, which is something we are very thankful for.

4. Kate Middleton Red Printed Dress

Kate Middleton Red Printed Dress

This lovely duchess does her fashion. She definitely looks chic and elegant in this season-apt dress. Hers is one of the rare holiday fashion wins of this edition. Keep it up girl!

5. Justin Bieber’s Cold-in-North-Pole Look

Justin Bieber

Maybe Justin Beiber’s just not too fond of the winter cold that comes with the season. His coat certainly looks warm, although that just the only  good thing you can say about it. But hey, it’s Christmas. And it’s the perfect season to look like that. At least that what he thinks…

Alexis Jackson is a huge fan of urban fashion and streatwear and loves to write about her passion and share it with the world.