The Most Popular Nike Shoes of All Time

If there’s a brand of sneakers that is widely recognized in the world over, it’s Nike. It could be because of their highly-popular, grossly-paid celebrity endorsers. It could be due to their very strong marketing strategy. Or maybe it’s just the slogan. Or the check mark. Whatever it is, one thing’s for sure: the Nike shoes in the list below are the ones that you, at one time, dreamt of having. The most popular Nike shoes of all time are:

10. Nike Air Uptempo 97


This pair of Nike shoes was so popular back in the day when Scottie Pippen was referred to as the royal cohort of His Basketball Highness, Michael Jordan. Well, every right hand man deserves some sort of distinction. And this pair of Nike shoes served as Pippen’s well-meaning crown for quite some time. The pair uses leather and Nubuck for its upper material and sports a nice, comfortable, and lightweight design. These shoes were first made available in 1997.

9. Nike Air Zoom ‘The Glove’

nike-air-zoom-the glove

If you love Gary Payton, then you’ll surely enjoy wearing this pair of Nike basketball shoes. It’s Payton that made it one of the most popular Nike pairs of all time. And if you love to customize Nike shoes, this one is perfect for you too. Note that The Glove doesn’t look like any ordinary pair of sneakers – it uses a zip-up design instead of the regular shoe laces. It also sports a very vibrant design that will make its wearer stand out from the crowd. First released in 1998, this pair was reintroduced in the market in 2013.

8. Nike Air Jordan XI

Nike Air Jordan XI

AllNike shoes included in Michael Jordan’s Air Jordan collection are popular. But this one matches, if not rivals,the popularity of the very first Nike Air Jordan created. This particular pair was released in 1995 and it was the first Nike basketball shoes to combine patent leather and carbon fiber for its upper material. No wonder why these are one of the most coveted Air Jordanshoes in the market. The good news is that you might still get one from a Nike outlet near you.

7. Nike Air Max 93


Released in 1993, (that’s why it’s called the Air Max 93), the revolutionary design of these Nike shoes lies on the 270 degrees of air that it can accommodate inside the shoe. The result? A flying on air experience! Back then, 260 is regarded as the maximum blow-molding technology for the Air Max. That makes this pair the most popular predecessor to the first Nike Air Maxreleased. There’s a 360 degrees version eventually made available in 2006.But the cool white, black, and luminous blue design of this particular pair made it the most popular choice of all.

6. Nike Foamoposite I


These stylish Nike shoes,which were first introduced in 1997, were made even more popular by basketball star Penny Hardaway. This must be one of the most futuristic of all Nike basketball shoes, as it has foams wrapped all around, on the sides, over, and under. Referred to as the world’s most advanced Nike basketball shoes, this pair is so popular back then that many sneakerheads are willing to trade their cars for it – especially after the first molds of the shoes were destroyed, indicating that there’ll be no new models to be released anytime soon.

5. Nike Lebron X


Lebron James is considered as the new generation’s Michael Jordan. And like his predecessor, Lebronalso owns a very popular line of Nike shoes. Do you want to customize Nike shoes? Then get this pair and have yours done in specifications unique to your needs. The Nike Lebron X is a red and white pair created with the diamond-inspired engineering. It means that it is tough and strong, made to last a lifetime – exactly what an explosive player like LebronJames needs. Clearly, these Nike basketball shoes are designed for the pros. Released only in 2012, you can still get a pair today from a Nike outlet near you.

4. Nike 6.0

nike 6.0

Are you a skateboard fan? Then the Nike 6.0 shoes are highly recommended for you. There’s both a low and medium cut design for this particular Nike shoes, just get the type that is the perfect pair for your skateboard antics. The upper material of the shoe is made with suede and high-class leather, set on a vulcanized sole with the herringbone pattern grip design. Inside the shoe are padded collars, comfy tongue, and cushioned foot beds. All of these are guaranteed to add playing prowess on your skateboarding games.

3. Nike Air Max 1

Nike Air Max 1First released in 1987, Nike Air Max immediately became the world’s most famous running shoes. Athletes and marathon runners suddenly believed that these shoes are the only ones they should wear during runs. The first design carries the red, gray, and white hues – the pair that revolutionized the construction of running shoes. Built for long and tough distances, Nike Air Max offers optimum comfort and cushioning to runners.

2. Nike Air Force 1


Soaring high over the clouds is the Nike Air Force 1, one of the most loved and most popular Nike shoes of all time. This pair is very distinct because it is the first pair of basketball shoes to use the Nike Air shoe technology. It comes in three types:high, mid, and low cut designs.

There are many hues and color schemes that was eventually released for this pair.But the two most popular types are the ‘White on White’ and solid black versions. First released in 1982,there were tons of later versions made available. The latest version is the 2010 DJ Clark Kent design. These Nike shoes are very popular in Harlem New York, especially among the ‘Uptown’ youths in the area. These shoes are heavily favored by famous rapper artists and award-winning performers in the likes of Nelly and Kanye West. Want to customize Nike shoes? Then this is the perfect pair!

1. Nike Air Jordan 4

Nike Air Jordan 4

While all Air Jordan shoes are popular, this one tops the list because of a very distinct reason – it’s a limited edition series! With only 72 pairs released, this one remains to be the most sough-after Nike shoes of all time. They were released in 1989 and the lucky few who own a pair belongs to an elite sneakerhead group. This very exclusive pair of Nike Shoes brought maximum prestige to the Air Jordan design series. So if you’vegot one, you are a certified basketball and sneakers fan – and a highly admired one at that.

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