The Most Popular Hip Hop Outfits of the Year

Over the years, hip hop music has gone through a big transformation. From mere beats and rap, it has integrated various technologies to produce techno beats that are engaging and dance-ready. The tunes and music produces by these technologies are very intricately engineered. The hip hop music that we hear on the radio entails lots of hard work from the artist, product, composers and sound engineers.

But that’s not all hip hop artists has contributed to the society. As a matter of fact, their sense of style had created such a big influence as well. Here are the ten most popular hip hop outfits this year, as modeled by the equally famous hip hop artists themselves.

10. Blings and Accessories on a White Shirt

Blings and Accessories on a White Shirt

The usual hip hop street look has always been the good old white shirt. And to add impact to that otherwise plain-looking shirt, enormous silver accessories were added to complete the look and achieve the hip hop effect. Big Daddy Kane here is the perfect model of such an outfit. And it is quite easy to implement too. The white shirt actually gives you license to use the biggest silver accessories available.

9. Bonnet and Caps

Bonnet and caps

If there’s any piece of clothing or accessory that is highly associated with hip hop fashion, it’s the cap. Bonnets and caps are very common among hip hop performers that they have long become a trademark. This look was introduced years back, and is still being worn by the most popular hip hop artists today.  You can practically throw a cap on with your favorite shirt then sing hip hop tunes and you’ll be on it.

8. Jackets


Jay-Z, who is another hip hop artist that had repeatedly hit the charts, was usually seen sporting a black jacket. And this is not just for his gigs but for his everyday street wear as well. Almost taking that as queue, the hip hop fashion industry has placed jackets as one of the must-haves for a hip hop outfit collector.

7. The Layered Look

The Layered Look

Hip hop fashion gets more impact when combined all together. So try to go for the layered look by adding the jacket, the white shirt, and the cap to make one complete ensemble. That should make you a true hip hop icon. This is also the common casual look not just of hip hop artists and their tons of followers.

6. The Baggy Look

The Baggy Look

The oversized baggy pants are another trademark of hip hop fashion. Wear it and you’ll definitely be ordained as part of the cult. Baggy pants are best paired with oversized shirts and jackets to complement the overall hip hop look. This fashion sense is also very popular among hip hop groups as well.

5. The Sporty Look

The sporty look

Sports and hip hop do come together, mainly because of the complicated dance moves associated with the latter. To achieve the sporty look of hip hop fashion, simply combine loose sweat pants and sleeveless shirt. This is yet another common outfit, both on the streets and up the stage. And yes, they go best with nicely toned muscles.

4. Sleeveless Shirt and Loose Pants

Sleeveless Shirt and loose pants

These days, hip hop fashion doesn’t focus on anything loose anymore. If you prefer to wear the too tight shirts instead of the too loose kinds, then this hip hop fashion suggestion will work for you. And since this is a white sleeveless shirt we’re talking about, you can definitely add all the accessories that you want to suit your taste.

3. The Yuppie Look

The Yuppie Look

You can walk around town looking like a hip hop fashion icon and a young professional at the same time. Simply combine a radically printed long-sleeved shirt with some attention-getting pair of sunglasses. A good pair of loose jeans will go well with this look. Now you go out there to collect some respect.

2. The Formal Hip Hop Look

The Formal Hip Hop Look

Now if the yuppie look failed to give you the crisp and formal look that you want achieve, go for the hip hop formal look. This fashion outfit is mainly composed of a long, loosely-fitting suit jacket, a white undershirt, and a pair of nicely fitting pants. This look will grant you entry a formal gathering like maybe, an awards night.

1. The Ultimate Cool Hip Hop Look

The Ultimate Cool Hip Hop Look

Looking cool as a hip hop artist, fan, or follower isn’t too complicated this year. To achieve the ultimate cool look, any layered shirt and some loosely fitting pair of pants will do. It’s the fedora hat that will tie things together, as well as the subtle accessories that you decide to use with it. You can use shades, necklaces, or blings. As you can see, looking like a cool hip hop fashion icon had definitely become a lot easier and more fashionable this year.

There is no doubt that hip hop is now one of the more popular music genres of this generation. It may also be the easiest type of music to create these days, all thanks to digital technology. And with the standard of hip hop music speedily going up, so are the look, clothes, and fashion that go along with it.

Alexis Jackson is a huge fan of urban fashion and streatwear and loves to write about her passion and share it with the world.