TAPOUT's founders pose for strength, courage and mysticism

Are you an avid fan of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)? Are you crazy about urban clothes? If you love both, then Tapout is just the right brand for you!

Tapout is an American clothing company which started from its founders’ love for MMA. The company specializes in clothes, gears and a magazine devoted to mixed martial arts.

Tapout was founded by two geniuses, namely Charles Lewis, Jr. (popularly known as “Mask”) and Dan Caldwell (popularly known as “Punkass”) in 1997 in their small apartment in San Bernardino, California. Before the duo started the company, they were only working in local security jobs. Mask worked in the San Bernardino school district and Punkass, on the other hand, was assigned at the San Manuel Indian Casino.

In 1999, they made gross sales of $ 30,000.

From a small apartment, the company’s headquarters is now based in Grand Terrace, where they manufacture and market branded shirts and all other accessories to 6,000 stores around the globe. The company’s products express the founders’ love for MMA. It speaks of their lives as well as they too have trained for the sport. Their products spell mysticism, strength, and courage. Aside from this, it’s the founders’ expression of how they stive to achieve their goals and that all you need to do is take one step forward at a time. It reminds you to take action, just like the sport they’ve been passionate about.

It's more than an accessory, it's passion

Tapout has become a major sponsor of fighting events and reality shows produced by Spike TV and of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

In 2007, together with an additional partner, Tim “Sky Scrape” Katz, Mask and Punkass went on to launch a reality television series entitled, Tapout. In the episodes, the three of them are out on a bus to search for MMA enthusiasts of whom they will be sponsoring.

Indeed, the three of them make up a great team. All of them have trained with mixed martial arts. Truly, it’s a sincere passion that boomed into a multimillion business venture.

In 2008, Tapout announced of its desire to sponsor the “King of the Web Brawlers”, Kimbo Slice. The company closed an exclusive sponsorship deal by creating a clothing line for him. They do make the best out of their passion.

Another celebrity who became part of Tapout’s success is Playboy’s Playmate Kathy Shower who worked as a model for the company. Shower was a Playboy Playmate for the month of May 1985 and Playboy Playmate of the Year in 1986.

Tapout may have made it big in the business. But it also had its own tragic moments.

Charles Lewis, Jr. or Mask as he is popularly known of met his death on March 11, 2009 through a vehicular accident in Newport Beach, California. He was with a female companion who got seriously injured. Mask on the other hand, died on the spot. A man driving a white Porsche was believed to be the main cause of the said accident. He was arrested and charged with vehicular manslaughter and for drunkenness.

In honor of Mask, he was inducted into the Ultimate Fighting Championship Hall of Fame.

Despite of Mask’s death, Tapout continually lives up to its passion for MMA. There’s just no stopping of Tapout. More and more events, offers, sponsorships have been done.

Tapout always make it a point to be in the limelight such as in extreme MMA events. As always (and forever), they will pour their all-out support to fighters and at the same giving the best clothing designs they can offer to their audience.

Among the company’s newly developed concept, is that of providing world class facilities to world class MMA trainers. They came up with the Tapout Training System which is now located in Las Vegas. Truly, the have gone beyond sponsoring and and manufacturing clothing products. It has always been a part of their plan to really help fighters out there and they believe that a training facility is already a big support.

Aside from fashion and adult fight sponsorships, Tapoutalso ventured into another extreme.

TAPOUT and MMA lives on in the eyes of the new generation

They have molded two little MMA enthusiasts, aged 7 and 8 years old. They go by the names of Giovanni and Carlos Ruffo. They get regular MMA instructions from Mark Coleman, Randy Couture and Vinny Magalhaes. So far, they are the first to be sponsored by an apparel company.

Tapout is more than a company. It’s every MMA enthusiast’s way of life. As Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone (a fellow MMA and Tapout sponsor) pointed out, “When you think of MMA, you think of Tapout! The two go together.”

Tapout existed because of MMA.  Just as Tapout fans have tattooed the tattoo logos in their bodies, Tapout will surely continue to make it bigger and bigger. It will live on forever in the hearts of every MMA fighter out there!


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