Super Sunglasses

Basic in Crystal
Look hot in these Super Sunglasses.

Super Sunglasses launched in 2007 by Daniel and Simon Beckerman. The brand exploded onto the street wear scene with their unique sunglasses. The company has become a world wide phenomenon in the few short years they have been around.

Daniel and Simon Beckerman are the owners of a company named Retro Super Future. The owners started the company with the creation of PIG magazine and PIG radio. The company they started is called PIG radio is a very influential Internet radio station that features Indie music. The pair realized that while there were many brands that made sunglasses, no one made them for the street wear industry. Seeing a niche that had not been covered the team, along with Sean Beolchini, got right to work on creating sunglasses that would cater to those who lived the hip hop lifestyle.

The company wanted sunglasses that would be created with high quality products. That is when they discovered a material called acetate. This material has a luxurious feeling and appearance, which dries fast and comes in many fashionable colors. The team also chose German-made Zeiss lenses for their new sunglass line. These lenses offer a high level of protection to the wearer in any weather conditions. With the combination of these two materials, Super Sunglasses were born.

Basic in Aqua
Another pair of fashionable and hot Super Sunglasses.

Once word got out that this company was producing stylish glasses for the street wear industry, the brand started to grow exponentially. The brand is carried in over three hundred and fifty shops around the world. Some of the high fashion store that carry these sunglasses are Barney’s and Fred Segal. The brand has also been promoted by many influential musicians in the United States. Music artists such as Kanye West, Draft Punk and The Kills have been seen wearing the products that are made by this company.

Super sunglasses is a brand that produces edgy and stylish sunglasses for both men and women. The products that are created by the brand are comfortable and provide the high look of comparable brands. The company showcases the new styles of the season on their website. Their products can also be purchased from many local retailers all over the world. The sunglasses are also sold on a variety of websites such as Karmaloop and Tobi.