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Urban clothing isn’t so much a fashion as it is a state of mind. Urban is so much more than its city born origins, it is a blending of attitudes, ideas, and cultures. True urban fashion is about personality and individuality. It represents a risk, a need, and a desire to not conform to today’s status quo. SouthPole has used these ideals as inspiration to create its line of urban fashion and has blended together influences from America, Great Britain, the Caribbean, Asia, and Africa as well as a variety of musical genres.


It’s Real

SouthPole Graphic Tee

Take a look at today’s traditional fashions and you will easily see why urban fashion is what’s real. The designs are practical in nature, created from durable fabrics, and crafted for everyday life. The SouthPole Short Peacoat, for example, is a wearable piece of urban fashion; a contemporary take on the traditional peacoat. It has a warm lining, peacoat front styling, and convenient front pockets. At around $60, this coat is a steal as well.

SouthPole is keeping it real for women, too, with pieces that draw on today’s current fashion trends and blend them with a look that is incomparably urban. The V-Neck Short Sleeve Top has a floral graphic with rhinestone and stud embellishments on the front. The sleeves are solid black and capped. The back, simple white. Subtle colors, a graphic that is reminiscent of a tattoo, and limited stretch fabric make it wearable, fashionable, and real for under $30.

It’s Attitude

True urban fashion is all about the attitude of today’s city culture. More than a representation of local fashion, urban clothing always looks hot, represents the melding of hip-hop, indie films, global culture, and is full of attitude.

SouthPole fashion always keeps attitude at the forefront, whether designing for men, women, boys, or girls. From its men’s Utility Pocket Tee, with its crew neck collar and pocket detail that gives attitude to the simple tee (for under $36), to the women’s Lace Up Front Hoodie, with short sleeves, shirring print foil studs and stones (for less than $30), each piece in the collection adds attitude to even the simplest clothing pieces.

It’s Grown Up

Girl's Military Hoodie

Urban fashion, once thought of as little more than a rebranding of ’90s era hip-hop stars, has grown up. Today, it is a mixture of designer style, current trends, and individuality. Together, these ingredients have allowed SouthPole to create a line of urban fashion pieces that are so much more than the stereotype.

Take the simple men’s pants – for years, the “urban” jean look for men meant loose fitting, hanging off the hips, and showing off the boxers. SouthPole grew this concept into a line of men’s pants that are urban in feel, creative in concept, and individual by design. Its Streaky Denim Jeans are the fruition of these ideals. Loose fitting, without appearing baggy, finely detailed pockets with embroidery, and the contrasting top stitching are obvious nods towards the urban wear of last decade. SouthPole’s line of men’s pants is reasonably priced, retailing from $45 to $60.

These same design principles can be seen in the women’s line, as well as pieces designed for boys and girls. The Hoodie Knit Military Inspired Hoodie for girls, at less than $30, is a fashionable, inexpensive, urban look for girls that is fun and appropriate, with military trim and embossed hardware for a hint of individuality.

SouthPole is at the very edge of urban design. The company created a fashion line that isn’t stereotyped. Global influences can be seen in its concepts. Its fashion pieces are wearable, individual, and real. Men’s fashions, women’s shoes and accessories, and even pieces for children are available to help anyone create their own look that isn’t out of the box – it’s urban.

The History of Southpole Clothing

Mario does a South Pole Ad.
Mario in a South Pole Ad.

Back in the 80’s when the rise of urban fashion was growing briskly in New York, and hip-hop music and culture began to influence street wear, two brothers founded what was then a modest urban clothing line.

Korean natives David and Kenny Khym immigrated to the US in 1977, building their first retail clothing shop in Brooklyn. In 1989, they moved to Queens while keeping a steady array of followers. Before long the store’s popular baggy pants were so in demand, the Khyms began to import their stocks from Pakistan. They then decided to expand their business into a wholesale company, naming it Wicked Fashions. Wicked Fashions was later renamed to Southpole in 1991, in honor of Korean Explorers who reached the South Pole.

In 1996, Kenny Khym ventured off into his own business enterprise, Against All Odds, a retail store specializing in hip-hop inspired fashions.

Two decades later, the Southpole brand established their new headquarters in Fort Lee, New Jersey continuing to provide urban fashionistas with hip-hop clothing that suits the ever evolving trends.

To expand the brand’s line of products, Southpole created a collection of footwear and accessories, such as caps, hats and ladies handbags. However the brand still continues to offer a variety of casual shirts, denim and outerwear in many of their retail outlets.
A number of celebrities have participated in Southpole campaigns over the years. Some of celebrities include: K.D. Aubert, Ciara, Omarion, Mobb Deep, B2K, Coolio, Mario, Marques Houston, and Keyshia Cole.

In 2001, the company generated nearly $100 million dollars in sales from major retailers such as JC Penny. In fact, according to KWR International, “Mr. David Khym’s was awarded JC Penney’s ‘2001 Divisional Award for Men’s Apparel, its 2002 Supplier Divisional Award for Men’s Apparel and its 2003 Supplier Divisional Award for Women’s Apparel. He was also selected as Ernst & Young’s 2004 Entrepreneur of the Year”.

In 2003, the Khym brothers decided to share their success by establishing the Khym Foundation, a non profit organization whose purpose is to “fund scholarships, promote community culture, as well as, to enhance public welfare”. The organization is said to benefit all people of colors. Three years later in 2006, they offered free medical services in hospitals in New York.

Southpole Clothes

Urban clothing is about having a cool sense of style. Show off your fashion sensibilities with the latest Southpole Clothes collection. The brand features bottoms, shirts, and hoodies that have interesting prints, bold colors, and attention-grabbing designs. You’ll stand out anywhere whether at school, on the streets, or when you’re out partying. It’s the chosen brand of hip hop artists, skaters, and young urbanites who want to look hip and hot anywhere.

Message of Fun

There are countless clothing brands out there. Still, a lot of people find it difficult to find outfits that suits
their state of mind perfectly. Fashion is more about expressing your style, personality, and mood than anything else. If you’re feeling bright and happy, there’s no better brand than Southpole Clothes. The patterns of their tees, hoodies, and sweaters immediately conjure up images of the best moments of your life.

By wearing their clothing designs, you can come across as a fun, fearless fashion warrior while spreading good vibes to everyone. Don’t be surprised when you get a lot of second glances from onlookers. Some might even be curious enough to ask where you got your clothes! Besides apparel, Southpole Clothes has evolved to become an urban lifestyle company. The brand now offers bags and footwear as well.

The level of detail and commitment they invest in the clothing design can be seen in other areas. The shoes from Southpole Clothes are unique, comfortable, and trendy. It can complete casual outfits and give it an edgy finish. Be sure to check out Southpole Clothes’ line of shoes and bags. They are definite must-haves.

Be Awesome Anywhere

From the United States to Asia, Southpole Clothes is catching buzz in the modern cities of today. It embodies the culture of the urban generation. Their clothes are fun, funky, and fearless. If you want to draw attention to your personality, then wearing the right clothes is one of the best ways to do it. First impression lasts as they say. When you choose to wear Southpole Clothes, you can be confident that your “message” is getting across.

So be your awesome self with Southpole Clothes. This label is all you need when you want to make a good impression. They have great fashion pieces for every occasion, be it your first day at the university or fun reunions with friends. You can browse through their latest collection in stores and online.


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