NikeCourt x Colette for Maria Sharapova

NikeCourt x Collete

Tennis superstar and defending champion Maria Sharapova is slated to return to Paris. NikeLab is going to celebrate her return with two pairs of NikeCourt footwear. Collaborating with Parisian boutique Colette, the NikeCourt Zoom Vapor 9 Tour x Collete and the NikeCourt Tennis Classic x Collete were born.

The NikeCourt Zoom Vapor 9 Tour comes in the detailed blue colors and iconic dots of Colette’s. There are also some signature Sharapova styles in the pair, like her logo on the black tab of the left shoe and the five symbols signifying her five major championship wins. It also comes with a sock liner that says “I am not the next anyone, I am the first Maria Sharapova.

The other pair, the NikeCourt Tennis Classic x Collete, exhibit the timeless tennis shoe look. This one features the same signature blue shade and comes with laces, cupsole stitch, heel accents, and of course, the Swoosh. This particular pair available in men and women silhouettes.

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