New Balance Shoes No. 565 Review

New Balance 565 Runners

New Balance definitely knew how to make sneakers that never go out of style. That must be the driving factor behind their classy New Balance 565 sneakers collection. Apparently, the first New Balance 565 design was so good that they have to release two more variations of it just to please raving fans.

The Look

Because they are indeed classified as runners, the New Balance 565 also comes in different color combinations. Even so, the pair with premium black with blue trimmings remains to be the most popular of all. These runners unmistakably depict the classic urban swag. They have this semi-retro style design that is housed in a snug heel fit and a roomy toe box. It sports an overall vintage look, yet the fit and comfort are rather modern.

The Design

These sneakers are presented in full suede leather for its upper material. It also has the traditional mesh tongue, the black branded plastic heel counter, and the blue leather branding. And yes, it does look better than it feels to wear. All the three New Balance 565 pairs – the Classic, the Rip Stop, and the Suede – come with a rubber outsole, suede upper material, and textile lining.

The Feel

Comfort has always been the main reason why New Balance remained to be a major sneakers brand in the market. And the New Balance 565 is indeed, a great pair of runners to start with. They are simply wonderful for everyday use. With their clean-cut and casual look, they go nicely with just about any jeans and shorts. It is a feel-good pair that mixes the casual and classy look together. You really need not be in training or out running to get these pairs on. They’re perfect for whatever outdoor activity you’re about to engage with.

The Drawback

Because these shoes are crafted straight to a tee, they may fit snugly. And because not every foot size is the same, it’s important to try a pair on before buying them. Some users have to go up one shoe size higher in order to get the most ideal fit. Or just don’t tie the shoelaces too tight. These runners provide great support as they are. The laces are just there to put things together.

The Price

Retailing for a mere £65.00, you surely will get your money’s worth with this pair. However, the New Balance Rip-Stop 565 and the Suede 565 will cost you some £7 more. The only notable differences between these pairs are some variation in the design and cushioning.

The Verdict

There’s really no reason why anyone wouldn’t fall in love with this pair of sneakers. The New Balance 565 is definitely one of those runners that would get you going. They’re great for running, for the great outdoors, and for the casual walk under the sun. If there’s any pair of shoes that is considered a jack of all trades, this one is it.

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