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Jay-ZWe all know the Rocawear aesthetic. She’s the street-smart fashionista in killer heels on the subway platform. He’s the boy who can rock sneakers and over-sized shades on the red carpet. It’s sexy. It’s young. It’s vibrant, it’s hot, it’s two beats ahead of the pulse. Like brand co-founder Jay-Z, Rocawear is the art of effortless cool.

Rocawear clothes are clean lines combined with relaxed fit. The line refuses to force fashion where it doesn’t fit; it never tries too hard. It’s not on trend — it creates trend. Rocawear cornered the market on sophisticated threads with an urban flair, and it remains one of the hottest brands in the hip-hop scene today.

Here’s a breakdown of everything the brand offers.



It’s hard to dress a man better than Rocawear does. Roc menswear keeps one ear to the ground of the hip-hop industry while remaining timelessly cool and comfortable. From boxers to briefs, button-downs to big-and-tall, Rocawear keeps it current and classy.

Jeans and Shorts

Rocawear first turned heads with the classic cut, quality, and affordability of its men’s jeans. No-frill men seeking basic jeans can’t go wrong with the classic R+ jeans, but the current fashion buzz is all over Rocawear for its exquisite detailing. Check out the sexy fade on the Rev Up jeans, or the fly patches on the Roc Intensity jeans. Expect full price on Rocawear jeans to run from $70-90, but both Rocawear and Roc venders run frequent sales and you can easily score a pair for $30-40. Rocawear shorts run anywhere from $40-70.


There’s something incredibly sexy about a man who can rock a basic tee and jeans, and Rocawear embraces the T-shirt like no one else. You won’t find skin-tight flimsy cotton here. Crew cut necklines, bold designs, and effortless fit all make Rocawear T-shirts the embodiment of casual cool. You can easily snag a classic 100% cotton Rocawear T-shirt for $20-30.

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Nothing says clean and classic menswear like a polo, and Rocawear brings some much-needed swagger to the reformed golf shirt. Gone are the days of tennis matches and tee times: Roca polos scream A-list. The brand’s tailored, 100% cotton polos will set you back anywhere from $40-60.

Roca button-downs will take you from daywear to nightlife. Head to a party with a boldly colored tee under a casual plaid button-down, or breeze into the clubs in a smooth-as-silk long sleeve button-down. Roca button-down prices vary widely; expect these wardrobe staples to run from $50-100.

Activewear and Outerwear

Rocawear had the urban street-casual outwear look on lockdown. Pair a Roca hoodie with jeans and you’ve got the perfect urban winter-casual look. Bring some armored swagger to your outerwear with Roca coats and jackets. Score some outerwear this winter for around $80 or snag a classic hoodie for a cool $60.

Boxers and Loungewear

Nothing brief about it: a Roca man is a boxer man all the way. Lounge in style with Roca’s signaturely sexy cotton boxers. Stay cooly warm in Roca’s fleece lounge pants. Pick up a pair for $28 or stock up on your boxers at around $18 a pair.

The Big & Tall Collection

Rocawear recognizes that street-smart, fashionably sexy men come in all sizes. The Big & Tall collection brings the same clean lines and urban designs to sizes up to 6X for shirts and 54 for pants.

Women’s Apparel

If you’d rather spend a day admiring street art than spend it in a stuffy art gallery, or can tear up a town in lipstick and six-inch heels, the the Rocawear women’s line is just the ticket. Best of all, you know that the key to being sexy is feeling sexy…and you let your confidence shine like a spotlight in Rocawear designs.


Whether it’s a polo, tee, fashion top, or button-down, Roca shirts are bright, bold, classy, and sexy. Its form-fitting polos can include anything from rhinestone mini-pockets, to breezy cutouts that show off your lower back. Pick one up for around $50. Rocawear’s graffiti-inspired tees are cooly feminine and come either in a classic crew neck or a seductive V-neck. Roca tees run anywhere from $25-40.


Roca pants are made to be worn with heels. They’re versatile, form-fitting, and figure-flattering. Rocawear jeans are outfitted with eye-catching and impeccable detailing, making them as much of a fashion statement as they are a wardrobe staple. Full-priced brand jeans can be found anywhere from $30-$70.


From breezy to sexy, Roca’s got a dress for every occasion. No matter if you want to paint the town red in a curvy catsuit dress or go out with the girls in a pretty shirt dress, Rocawear’s got a variety of dress and jumpsuit styles to let you kick up your heels with flair. Expect to pay $50-70 on a full-price Roc dress.

Activewear, Outerwear, and Intimates

While the Roca models wear their sweats with heels, we think you can kick it just fine in some flats and cotton-poly Roca activewear. Break out of those winter blues with either some fur-trimmed or faux leather Roca outerwear. Don’t forget Roca’s intimate collection, either: the brand prides itself on its sassy and sexy cotton sleepwear options. Nothing gives a girl confidence like a cute pair of panties, and Rocawear pairs only run around four to eight dollars. Sleepwear averages around $20, while Roca’s high-quality outerwear could cost you anywhere from $60-140.


Curvy gals rejoice: Rocawear makes fiercely real plus-size clothing for bust sizes up to 3X and pants up to 24W. Show off your curves in a sexy off-the-shoulder activewear set or in a sweetly belted halter dress.


Both fashion-forward guys and fashionistas know that the key to style lies in the accessories. Whether your killer accessory of choice is hoops, studs, shades, or bling, Rocawear’s got you covered. For men’s accessories, Roc Nation headphones are some of the best, most stylish headphones on the market; snag a pair for yourself for $180. You’ll need to drop around $40-50 to score yourself some Jay-Z style sunglasses, but channeling the hip-hop legend’s signature style is well worth the price. Remember, fellas — you can’t rock Rocawear jeans without a statement belt buckle, and Rocawear’s signature buckles run around $20-40.

Roc ladies know that accessories are just as important as their choice outfits. Roc sunglasses have flair to spare, and the brand’s aviator and over-sized styles are priced around $35. Every girl’s got to have at least one killer handbag, and Roca bags can be had for anywhere from $30-80.

Roca for Kids

Give your toddler some swagger with his sippy-cup. Roca maintains a well-stocked line for both boys and girls aging from infant to size sixteen. No matter if you’re looking for a hoodie for your six-year-old or a pair of Roca jeans for your toddler, Rocawear Kids basics can usually be found for under $20.

Rocawear: Street-smart, Celebrity-inspired Fashion

What a lot of peoplethink is that rappers define themselves by dropping the names of luxury brands. They can’t believe that it might actually work the other way around. Everything that hip-hop touches is transformed by the encounter, especially things like language and brands, which leave themselves open to constant redefinition.” -Jay-Z

The History of Rocawear Clothing

Jay-Z sporting his own line.
Jay-Z sporting his own line.

Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter, Roc-A-Fella executive and the world’s most famous rapper, along with Roc-A-Fella C.E.O., Damon Dash, launched Rocawear Clothing Company in 1999. According to Dash, the hip hop clothing line was created to be a reflection of his, as well as Jay-Z’s, personal style of dress. The two partners and long term friends also said launching the Rocawear line was a way to give the Urban and Hip Hop culture communities something long desired.

Shawn Carter, born on December 4th, 1969 to the home of Gloria Carter, grew up in the Marcy Project Housing section of Brooklyn. Carter, who’s worldly known as “Jay Z“, built a career that boasted the latest European and urban fashions, newer brands, and flawless jewelry. Hip Hop culture immediately followed Jay-Z’s career from his initial impact and mocked his style of dress in all genres of music culture.

Fashionably reasonable, rumors has it that Shawn Carter derived his name Jay-Z from the slang “jazzy”. Peers used to think he dressed so fly before rap, that they wanted to give him a nickname related to the word, and then the spoof of the slang, “Jay Z” was born to title Shawn Carter’s stage name.

Damon Dash, who’s known as Dame, Mr. Fresh To Def, the Ultimate Hustler, and other titles, was born in Harlem, NYC during the year 1975. Dame Dash is known for his marketing savvy that reminds you much of the “Harlem Hustle” many people in Hip Hop culture speak of. Endlessly promoting products that include Urban fashions and Hip Hop clothing in videos through consumer friendly techniques, Dame has definitely been behind the scenes putting work into Rocafella Records and Rocawear Clothing.

Since it’s initial launch in 1999, Rocawear clothing has risen to new heights producing exceptional quality denim jeans, flavorful designed Rocawear Shirts and tops, as well as accessories such as Rocawear hats, Rocawear belts, Rocawear lounge wear, and Rocawear boxers. On top of those accomplishments, Rocawear Clothing also launched a women’s line, a children’s line, and international sites that offer exclusive Hip Hop fashion products only retailed to only certain markets.

Co-founder Damon Dash in a Roca Wear ad.
Co-founder Damon Dash in a Roca Wear ad.

In 2005, the Rocawear clothing company made a big change as co-founder Dame Dash sold his stake in the Hip Hop fashion brand for $22.5 million in cash. “Rocawear was my point of view, a Harlem swagger,” Dash told reporters of the sale. “They gave me $30 million and 75% of Team Roc. I’m real happy with the deal. I got $22.5 million in cash and the rest in companies (like State Property, Team Roc, Pro-Keds and other entities).”

In 2007, Jay-Z also exited the Rocawear clothing company, selling the Hip Hop clothing brand for $205 million US dollars to the Iconix Brand Group. Rocawear clothing is the largest acquisition Iconix has made in its history, but expects much growth from the brands.

Shawn Jay-Z Carter will retain his stake in the operating company that manufactures all of the Rocawear men’s apparel line. The mogul’s two silent partners, Alex Bize and Norton Cher, will continue to run the manufacturing company for Rocawear Clothing.

Before leaving the company, Dame Dash launched the Rocawear sub-brand Team Roc. Celebrity endorsements were soon to follow the establishment of the athletic apparel brand as NFL player Larry Johnson and boxer Zab Judah were contracted to be spokes models for the brand.

The list of celebrities that have worn Rocawear clothing is endless.

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