Channel the inner rock star in you with Punkrose’s hi-top shoe.
Channel the inner rock star in you with Punkrose’s hi-top shoe.

Punkrose deviates from the “girly” shoe norm of bedazzled sandals and stilettos by coming up with hardcore sneakers for rockers, skaters, punks, rebels, and everybody in between. The label, owned by California-based Nunez and Rothman Enterprises Inc. is a whiff of fresh air for women who stray away from the girly footwear.

For the rebel femmes – skater, punk, rocker, or rebel – who are looking for eclectic footwear, Punkrose has it all for you. You can choose from a variety of cool footwear, from high tops to canvass slip-ons. The vast and colorful Punkrose collection includes a number of fashionable footwear any girl would love to have.

Rock out with this pink and blue Punkrose’s hi-top shoe. This footwear is made of suede and faux leather trim on panels and smooth faux fur interior lining. It has a cut-out star design on toe, and cushioned ankle rest with patent trims. Included are 2 sets of pink and blue laces.

Give the people the “shock” of their lives with the retro tie-dye hi-top. This orange and pink shoe has a tie-dye effect on exterior panel, lightning bolt on outsole, and an urban high top design, with a wide ankle ban. It has a flat non-marking rubber sole and a self tie lace closure. Pink and orange laces are included as well.
Another great shoe is Punkrose’s rocket sneaker. It has faux croc material on back panels, metallic puff lightening bolt on sides, and pieced design with suede trims. Rocket has a cushioned ankle and 2-laces to help you mix and match.

Be the star of the show with Punkrose’s Starlitt hi-top shoe.
Be the star of the show with Punkrose’s Starlitt hi-top shoe.

Go back in time with Punkrose’s retro hi-top sneaker. It has a classic hi-top design, and a wide ankle band. The shoe is made of synthetic suede and smooth leather panels and features a lightning bolt on outsole. It has a self tie lace closure and a flat non-marking rubber sole.

Twinkle with Punkrose’s starlitt shoe. It is made of suede, leather and patent material pieced throughout, frosty, metallic material on lace lining, perforated detail on toe, ankle and bottom flap of tongue, and nylon interior lining. This pink, blue, and black ensemble comes in retro contrasting colors and has ankle cushioning and 3-laces for mix and match purposes.

Punkrose also has cute slip-on shoes, like the Sarah Pink Star sneakers, which is adorned with cute pink stars. This shoe would look great with pants or a cute dress. Unlike stilettos, you don’t need suffer your comfort for fashion.

But if you like a more hardcore look, you can opt for Punkrose’s Mimi Skulls slip-on shoes. This canvass shoe is designed with black, red and pink skulls, perfect for a rebel or a rocker with a soft spot for fashion and footwear.

Walk in style with Punkrose’s Sarah Pink Star Sneakers.
Walk in style with Punkrose’s Sarah Pink Star Sneakers.

The elements of punk and rock, when combined with cuteness, are thought to be an unfashionable, if not lethal, combination. However, with Punkrose sneakers, you’ll realize that the fusion of elements from different ends of the spectrum is possible.

Punkrose shoes, which are inspired by rebellion, eclecticism, skating, punks, and rock stars, are perfect for fashionable femmes who don’t want to lose their unique identity in their footwear. Its borderline boyish sense of sneaker style is the brand’s way of saying that girl can rock androgynous style effortlessly.

So the next time you find yourself looking for a feminine yet hardcore pair of sneaks, drop by www.punkrose.com to get the latest and coolest sneaks in the face of the earth.


Punkrose is a perfect combination between the coolness of punk and the femininity of roses. Each and every piece explores the modern culture attached to music, and the needs of women to stay connected with such cultures. Punkrose sneakers provide women with the comfort and hipness that no other shoe brand can provide.

Punk Cool with Punk Rose

Punkrose is a brand of women’s sneakers, started in Southern California by Nunez and Rothman Enterprises. It creates cutting-edge sneakers for women on the go. The Punkrose brand became popular among women and it soon became evident
that a wider market was yet to be captured. So the enterprise was extended to men’s sneakers, which was the start of Public Royalty.

Modern, awe inducing, conversation starting, and comfortable: this is what the Punkrose brand is all about. Punkrose shoes are the perfect combination of sneakers sensibility made exciting by the heavy influence of the punk, hip hop, and rock cultures. Punkrose has all the kinds of sneakers every girl could ever dream of. They have low cut shoes that are understated yet fashionable – appropriate for many occasions. They also have higher-cut shoes that can be worn for a dance session or a ball game.

Letting Your Personality Shine On Your Shoes

Punkrose is a brand for the urban and daring. This brand is perfect for those who want to add a sporty yet urban and modern twist to their wardrobe. It is the shoe wear for those who know that there is more to life than just being another plain old Jane. For people who want to stand out in comfort and style, Punkrose is the way to go.

There is no reason why you should deprive yourself of shoes that make you a better version of yourself. Punkrose shoes give you the confidence you need to get out of your shell in the most stylish way possible.

Punkrose is being sold in most shoe retailers online. They are also being sold in most footwear outlets in malls and department stores. Let your cool and feminine sides show with Punkrose sneakers now!