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Phat Farm founder Russell Simmons wearing his own creations.
Phat Farm founder Russell Simmons wearing his own creations.

Phat Farm clothing was founded in 1992 but Def Jam Hip Hop mogul Russell Simmons. The man sometimes called “Hustle Simmons“, had the vision to create an American lifestyle brand that combined a clean look with the trends of Urban trends.

Originally a brand under Russell’s Phat Fashions Company, does not have an answer to how this name came about. We assume PHAT was taken from the popularized slang that was an acronym for Pretty, Hot, and Tempting (as Chris Tucker put it) but have yet to get a definite answer. Unlike some other brands in Hip Hop clothing, Simmons has always made sure the Phat Farm was about quality to match price. Phat Farm hoodies, sweats, Phat Farm shoes, jeans, and other PF products are constructed to give the consumer something that can last if taken care of.

The Phat Farm logo.

Phat Fashions announced over $300 million in revenues line in 2003 and launched the Run Athletics and Def Jam University clothing lines to expand financial visions. One of the company’s biggest achievements according to reports published by Phat Fashions, was that the Phat farm and Baby Phat shoes were outselling Nike, adidas, and reebok shoes in major retailers all brands held placement.

In 2004, Simmons sold Phat Farm and Phat Fashions into a partnership with Kellwood clothing company. Under the deal, Simmons received $140 million dollars in cash over a stretched period. This left Simmons’ former wife, Kimora Lee, as president and creative director of Baby Phat. Russell held the same titles at his Phat Farm company. The move took Phat Fashions from a privately held company and made it another branch of Kellwood, publicly traded company.

“My vision is so great that it could not have been accomplished without the support of a public company [like Kellwood]” Simmons said of the deal.

In 2007, Russell Simmons announced his desire to persue other ventures, and stepped down from his position of Phat Fashions CEO. The multi-millionaire felt it was time to focus on his jewelry collection, fragrance, and personal health and entertainment businesses. Simmons also retained rights to his upscale fashion brands Argyleculture and Atman, which will become his trademark properties.

Russell Simmons with former wife and new CEO of Phat Fashions, Kimora Lee Simmons.
Russell Simmons with former wife and new CEO of Phat Fashions, Kimora Lee Simmons.

Kimora Lee, founder of Baby Phat, was made CEO of Phat Fashion shortly after Russells decision to leave. Company officials said the move was a great direction for the company as Kimora had proven her value several times over to Kellwood.

Adding to Lee’s titles of Creative Director and President of Baby Phat clothing, she smoothly converted into the new CEO title and began brand expansion within the 2007 year.

Today Phat Farm and Baby Phat remain to be two of the premier Hip Hop clothing brands in America and internationally. Phat Fashion boutique stores have been set up in luxury cities such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi. In addition, Phat Fashions has found major demand on-line launching Phat Farm and Baby Phat e-stores at and

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